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Life and Death in One Breath by Sadhguru (Book Review: 3*/5) !!!

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Reading and knowing about spirituality and spiritual world is an adventure in itself. For people who believe in spiritualism, knowing about it in deep is their only goal. I am definitely one of them and that’s the reason the most books that I have in my book shelf currently belongs to the same genre. And the one author whom I believe blindly when it comes to this topic is none other than Sadhguru aka. Jaggi Vasudeva. The way he talks about spirituality by making the difficult concepts easy, no other author has still been able to do as per my experience.

I just ended up reading one of his many books named “Life and Death in One Breath” which is again published by Jaico who believes in publishing mostly of this genre. The book is very well designed and the way it is written in the form of questions and answers serve the purpose of the seekers. Every possible question on the topic of life and death has been considered and Sadhguru’s answers to many of them are apt. Sadhguru talks on different topics in this book like how one can live life to the fullest, how should one avoid creating a false identity and then living the whole life with it, how can one transform oneself from being ordinary to extraordinary, how effective or ineffective the whole trap of dream is and lastly, Sadhguru discusses death in detail which is the best climax that the book could have.

Frankly speaking, this is the least rated book of Sadhguru as per my judgment. Sadhguru’s books are wonderful because they speak the complex topics in a very simple language making it easy for the ordinary person to understand the same. But talking about this one, Sadhguru has spoken about the topics in a language which will be understandable only to the people who are well-versed in the genre of spirituality and must be following it regularly with certain devotion. It is very hard to understand what Sadhguru is exactly trying to speak because the complex topics are not normalized and presented in a simplistic manner. Anyone who will start studying spirituality with this book is surely going to run away. Hence, I rate this book as 3* out of 5.



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