25 March 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

"Go For It" or "Running Away"?

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Every day, during the course of the day, we think about leaving the current scenario and getting refreshed by visiting some place or meeting few people not met in quite some time or doing activities you have always loved doing. You just want to forget your current scenario and get refreshed. You want to leave the situations the way they are to get refreshed so that you can solve and face them with enough maturity and tact when you resume back. We also believe in juvenility that once we resume, the current problem would have been vanished and we would be re-entering in a perfect world which would have been set up for our comeback. But we often forget that post our return, we are either going to face a more challenging face of the current scenario or a new scenario which is more challenging and messy than the current one.

We have often experienced that once we have left the current scenario for doing something that we have always postponed due to job, studies, relationship etc., the pleasure that we get is wonderful and we believe that this feeling will stay with us for a long time. But the moment we are back and the first challenge is thrown upon us, we get back in the same zone of frustration, irritation, helplessness etc. forgetting everything that we have experienced in the last few days or weeks. It seems that the whole exercise has been non-effective and void. We feel that we were always here and never went anywhere else to that favourite place of our life where we were with ourselves and enjoyed every second of that period.

Why does this happen to us? There is a difference how you approach this leisure time or holidays. People often mistake that they are running away from their job/work by going on the vacation etc. But your subconscious mind is more practical than you which keeps reminding you somewhere in between of those moments that you will be back soon at the same place from where you have run away in quest of permanent relaxation. You can never attain the peace or state of mind even if you spend millions because you are trying to run away from something which is permanent. Even if you think that running away temporarily will relax your mind, forget it. Anything that is done to avoid the hardship brings your mind in more complicated zone where it only thinks about what would happen post this honeymoon period when we will be back to square one.

How to avoid fooling your mind? Now please do not assume that practically you are fooling your mind but you have to portray to your mind that you are not. Whenever you know that something makes you happy and you want to take time to do that activity, remember that your approach should be to “Go For It” rather than “Running Away” from something to achieve something else. Whenever you go for something, you go thinking only about that and it then starts effecting your mind positively by giving it all the positive vibes. You then do not think about what would happen back at your workplace or studies. You just think about those moments and want to live in it with as much involvement as possible.

And that is why when you are back from such vacation for which you always wanted to go irrespective of whatever situation you are in, you bring those great moments with you which stays with you even in the times when you are being challenged and pushed inappropriately. Then this hardship does not effect your mind as it usually does because somewhere subconsciously, you are very happy that you have been able to live and enjoy those moments of bliss you always wanted to go for. You also keep thinking when It would be next when you would be experiencing something like that. It then becomes cycle for your mind where it is happy with something that made it feel good and looking out for next moment when it will make it feel better. This keeps your mind always in a zone where it gives less importance to the bad current scenarios but keeps thinking about the good that happened and the good that will happen in future. And when your mind is always thinking and questing for good, your present automatically starts getting excellent as you then do not want to spoil your current situation and make your life only 2/3rd happy. You want your past, present and future to be equally excellent.

So next time when you think about doing something just to get away from the messy situations, remember, you are going to fall back in the same situation after few hours. Always go for something with the attitude that you are going to do something just because you want to do it with full involvement and dedication and achieve the state of mind you target with that activity. This is going to benefit you in all terms- physically, mentally and spiritually.



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