28 March 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Stop Being a Victim and Be a Victor!

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Opportunities are something that is generally meant to be missed out by mediocre people while the genius ones start their day in a hope of finding many within 24 hours and making the most out of it. No one will ever come to you with an offer that will change your life or make you the success that you have always dreamed about. Among my friend circle and office colleagues, I hear it multiple times from different people that what exactly wrong are they doing that they are been treated like just an ordinary piece of life. My only response to them though I do not say is what exploratory have you been doing to be looked differently than others?

I see in my organization that people keep crying about not being treated as per the amount of work they do. Remember, there are 100 guys like you punching in daily in your organization, and everyone is doing something because of which someone is ready to pay them as per their demand. Why only few people get the affection of the upper management while others have to regularly prove themselves each minute and still get snubbed at the end of the day? You have to understand that to look and sound different from the other 100s who are entering office with you, you will have to search for the answers that these 100s are not searching for. Every organization suffers with few challenges for which no one tries to find out the answer. Then there are also some geniuses who know the answer but does not share.

Remember, you need to be different than them! You will need to open up at the moment when 10 people would be discussing why the particular thing cannot happen by answering how can it be done. That’s the moment you would be identified as someone who sees things optimistically and spread the positivity among the whole team or people. Same applies in our personal lives too. Rather than regularly crying about how someone has badly treated you or cheated you or ignored you or is so negative, try to be the person you always wanted to be and spread the message of how a person should be. Not everyone will revert to you the way you talk to them. That is truth and that’s why being a social animal is fun. But you will have to find moments where you can build good relationship with people.

You might find a person who is not being included by anyone and is always isolated. You can sense either depression or loneliness or the pain of being rejected in his body language or face instantly. Be that person out of everyone to accept him and give him the assurance that he is someone who needs to live and there is someone who considers his presence. You will automatically earn a person in life who is ever going to be at your side in whatever circumstances. People will say that you are a junk to befriend him but understand that this is what makes you a better person of them all which everyone will realize later on and you would be the one earning everyone’s respect. So stop being a victim and start approaching your personal and professional life as a victor. Be the person who wants to bring change without shying away or being negative. Remember, there is no other place for you to live except your world and your professional workplace. So rather than getting irritated by them, start considering them as your Praying room and devote as much as you can. I hope you understood.



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