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The Buddha Of The Brothel by Kris Advaya (Book Review: 4*/5) !!!

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I am just done reading the book with one of the most interesting titles “The Buddha of the Brothel” written by the debutante, Kris Advaya. The title and the cover page of the book, both are enough interesting to not let you pick it up. The book took me more than a week to complete because of the author’s style of writing English and narrating the story. This is the first time when I have read such kind of a narration of a story which could have been written in a simpler language. I found it little tough but the readers into English authors will love reading this book.

The story is said to be true and author’s own tale but the way this non-fictional plot is given a fictional narration and styling speaks about the skill the author has. Initially, it is quite tough to get into the flow of the story but once you get used to author’s writing style, you will start enjoying the tale. I believe that author could have edited the book a little more as I found several plots repeating itself in the first half of the book which makes it quite boring for the reader.

The characterization is nicely done and the best part about author’s style of narrating the conversation between two characters is incredible where he uses less dialogues and more emotional verdicts. This book is full of emotions, self-realizations, confusions, love, lust, belongingness, helplessness etc. Every emotion is nicely projected by the author which directly touches the reader’s heart. This book is unique in its very own way. I give it 4* out of 5.



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