20 March 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety: A fine attempt on Romance vs Bromance! ***

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The Bollywood is continuously delivering either action-packed movies or highly subjected movies which makes the Hindi film lovers miss the college-based or youth-comedy genres. And in this almost dying genre comes a movie named “Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety”, the name that 90% of the audience are unable to say even after watching the movie. The word of the mouth for the movie has been amazing that it has touched the 100-crore club which is a very big achievement for a movie which is not driven by any star force or big director’s name. The PKP team is back with a bang to woo the audience again with this movie which also speaks more from boy’s perspective and tells how they are always right in comparison to their girlfriend.

The movie shows how a friend is trying to save another friend of his who often involves in love affairs and end up crying in the end. The friend finally gets entangled in a love marriage where the girl sounds to be too perfect to sound believable. Sonu starts asking Titu to control himself and try to find the hidden truth of this girl who cannot be as perfect as she is trying to portray. And thus the saga of Romance vs Bromance begins. The movie is funny in parts but boring at most of the times. Karthik Aryan’s fast-speaking style is again the bit of the USP of this film considering that he is the only one who is trying to take the movie on his shoulder comparing with other two leads. Aloknath is another funny element in the movie who is not being sanskaari this time.

The first half ends at a juncture where the audience’s expectations rise quite high and then comes the second half where the movie gets funny as well as emotional at times. But it is always wonderful as an audience to watch as director is successful in making the audience curious for knowing what happens next. Though the dialogues and scenes become repetitive after a time as the plot does not move away from its basic premise of a friend trying to save his friend from this girl with whom he has been engaged. The dialogues in the movie are above average and makes you feel entertained with its crispiness. The songs are delightful which can be played at weddings for next 5 years. Overall, the movie is an above average stuff but strictly one time watch. I give it 3* out of 5.



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