30 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Why do we forget those QUESTING DAYS after ACHIEVING?

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        This week I shall complete 4 months of my working experience and owing to that, I thought of something which I felt like talking about with all of you. There are times in our life when we look forward to something with immense desperation and wish to take care of it once it becomes a part of our life. I remembered the period between my last presentation exam of MCA and the day when I got the call of selection from the company I am currently working in. It was one of the most dangerous period of my life. I have been a bigger loser than this when I wasn't studying and a future couldn't be seen but then I didn't have a will to do anything hence it's not been considered here. This time I was dying to get a job in the field I wanted to start my career in. And I was regularly promising myself that whenever I shall get job, I will deliver my best and won't cheat with my employer.  

             I always feel an urge to become an entrepreneur and therefore, when I see myself as someone being trusted by an entrepreneur, I can't imagine myself cheating him/her. If the person is willing to pay me for a certain work, I feel like giving fully paisa vasool to my employer and make him feel proud of his selection. I never think of how I shall be moving to an MNC once my tenure completes here. My mind processes only the same thought of how I can become the best in the room I work in. I see different personalities, each one of them doing extremely well in the projects allotted to them, and I learn lot of lessons from their way of working and the things they speak while conversing with other entities in their project. I try to impose those values and style in my way of working. No, I do not copy the person but I try to apply those positive utilities in my way for the projects that are under my supervision.

            In these 16 weeks, I never felt like I am in a wrong job or I am tired or I do not want to give more than whatever I am giving in my work. In case when I feel sleepy or bored after doing the same job for few hours, I remember those 3 weeks I was praying to get an interview call and get back to work with the same passion with which I was checking the multiple check-boxes on Naukri.com. That makes me realize that the passion has to be continued to sustain the great achievement that has come my way due to Law of Attraction, God's grace, Parent's blessings or whatever.

            Similarly, I think for even the smallest things in my life. It has been 6.5 years since I am using this laptop of mine. Technologies have changed and my friends have better laptops than mine but the way I treat my laptop is far superior than how my friends take care of their resp. laptops. And this is the reason that my laptop still works 90% of how it worked when it was new. Similarly is the case with my mobile phones. I know how I got tempted with those phones and even when I am using the 3rd phone in my life, the first two- 1st purchased in 2007 and 2nd purchased in 2010 are still in working condition. I didn't let my parents sell them because I know how I have kept them all these years when my friends kept changing their models one after another.

             We start mistreating the pleasure once it becomes an integral part of our life. We forget that there was a time when we fought with our parents and almost wasted our whole day in searching and reading about the same on Internet. Why do we forget our endless love that we had for the particular thing before it came into our hands? Generally such cases should occur when you want something just to show-off in front of your friends and social circle but in case you really wanted that thing for yourself and your happiness mattered with its presence, you shouldn't forget the passion and hunger you had for the same. It applies right from the materialistic products to a job opportunity to a start-up to a partner you get after love-marriage. It applies with all range of things for which you once spent your night planning for. Now that you have it, do respect it guys before it goes back in that black hole from where it came and you again become a person with the same desires. Won't you like to desire new things than desiring the same again and again? Think! 



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