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Review: Bang Baaja Baaraat: The FINALE saves the series!!! ***

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      I am just done watching the 5th and Finale Episode of Y Films' short web-series "Bang Baaja Baaraat". This is the 2nd major series by Y Films after Man's World which I found very mediocre and repetitive and nothing much creative about it. But Bang Baaja Baaraat is definitely an improvement from their 1st series and now I wish that all their future web-series are at least as much entertaining as BBB is. The director and writers have done a great job with BBB where they have shown how a couple chose to marry each other and then inform their parents. Both the families are poles apart as boy's family belongs from a rural background while girl's family belongs to this rich and elite group where divorce and having extra-marital affair with a person as young as your son/daughter is common. The several differences between both the families come in between the marriage every now and then even when they agree for it. This is the X factor of this series which makes you eager for each and every episode.   

          I liked the first two episodes where the story gradually picks up. The tantrums thrown by boy's parents, especially mother, makes us laugh every now and then. Also the girl's pool party is wonderfully filmed though I found it quite weird but I believe that such things happen among elite class in metro cities. The moment where the 2nd episode ends made me more curious about how well the 3rd episode would start but I was very much disappointed the way 3rd and 4th episode took up. It was only in the 5th and finale episode, also the longest of all i.e. 22 minutes, which gives a great ending to this season which will be remembered as one of the coolest web-series in India. The maturity with which the last episode is made shows clearly that the makers had their thoughts at the right place right from the moment they must have started scripting this. There's nothing disappointing in any conversation or scene that takes place in finale which finally made me the fan of the series. 

          The performances have also been equally good. The protagonists have played their parts perfectly. Though the boy didn't display the best of his capabilities as he stays almost in the same mood for the most parts of the series, girl have surely won heart. She looks gorgeous, hot, sexy and tempting and with all this, she also acted perfectly. Everyone else around the characters are equally good. Talking about the drawbacks of the series, I would say that they could have made 3rd and 4th episode with the same maturity too. Similarly, though 80% of the story seems realistic, 20% is still difficult to relate with. Next time I would like the makers to do something which looks 100% real and relating to a general audience like me. Rest, I would give this series 3 stars out of 5. 



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