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Review: Tamasha: Boring and Predictable!!! *

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        There's a belief with Imtiaz Ali that his movie will be different from others and tell something which no other contemporary director can manage to tell the way he does. With Tamasha, I had very big expectations because he promoted it with the tagline that it's going to a different love story than the rest. Also, Ranbir-Deepika were returning back after their famous and one of my favorite movies- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. I always believed that whenever Ranbir-Deepika would be cast again after YJHD, that director would have to face a very big challenge of making a movie at least as much entertaining as YJHD. And Imtiaz Ali have failed creating the magic of YJHD with the couple in Tamasha. After coming out of the theater, you only feel like remembering YJHD again and pledge to watch it again after reaching home for reducing the effect caused by Tamasha.    

          The direction and screenplay of the movie is quite ordinary because of which you start feeling diluted in the first 15 minutes itself. The film does become interesting when both the protagonists meet each other. It goes wonderfully well until few minutes after interval but it gets stuck to a theme after that and does not come out of it until climax. And what happens in climax makes it just another love story with a little bit changes from other similar tales. But it's not something very unique for which I would recommended it to someone as a love story which you would have never seen before. 

           The dialogues of the movie are great. I did enjoy them out of everything which didn't work out for me. The locations are wonderful in the movie and it serves you well. The best thing about the movie like every other movie is Deepika Padukone' acting and screen presence. She looks dynamic and her aura of a superstar reflects well in each scene wherever she is controlling the frame. Her smile itself does the magic for you. Ranbir Kapoor have also played his part well but no new dimension in the same. It looks as if he has come out of Wake Up Sid and YJHD and shot this film by just walking around. Songs are fine. I liked the one sung by Alka Yagnik- Pal bhar teher jaao and Safarnama by Lucky Ali. Overall, I won't recommend you this movie. I give it just 1 star out of 5. 



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