2 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Some THOUGHTS on our ATTITUDE during SALES!!!

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    "The Big Billion Day" sales by Flipkart was recently launched again along with Amazon's sale too. Both the sales continued for 3-5 long days. In my office, most of us were regularly refreshing our respective mobile applications to find out if there's a great deal. I had purposely recharged 3G internet on my Tablet for one week to go through all the deals that the e-commerce websites would be offering. Later on someone told me that even Snapdeal is giving offers in the same week itself and I installed respective app too. For the whole week, I kept shuffling between all the three applications and ended up buying 2-3 things which I would not have if it would have been some normal day with no sales and offers on the block. I also saw many of my friends purchasing things they never needed but because the offer was quite tempting, even they ended up ordering it on Cash on Delivery as none of them had that much amount in their bank balance.        

             After the offer ended, I was sad that I couldn't buy something amazing like an electronic gadget or premium product in lesser amount. At the same time, another voice of opinion in me asked to look at the mirror and realize what exactly I was looking in those 5 days which made me feel so sad. And I realized how helpless I was feeling unnecessarily. There was nothing that I wanted specifically and I was just surfing the app to find if I get something out of luck. And because I didn't get any unexpected product for lesser price than its MRP, I started feeling as if I lost some competition. I felt so sorry for my personality that I became greedy for things I actually didn't need in life.

            I then thought how I earn money by spending 9 hours in office daily under an environment where plethora of work comes suddenly and then there's no chance of even thinking of what I'm about to do in evening after I return home. And I was thinking of spending such hard-earned money on the products just because there's a so-called sale and because everyone would be surfing those websites and talking about their shopping, I would be left alone regretting my luck even I started dying to buy something from it to be with public. How silly! 

            With it I also started thinking about the salespersons in electronic showrooms such as Vijay Sales, Kings Electronic, Snehaanjali, Arcee Electronics etc who guide the buyers throughout the day about new TVs, speakers, air conditioners etc but couldn't buy a single item themselves as they work in as less as 6000 per month and do not get holiday even on Sundays. These people would be feeling so inferior of themselves when people come with family, order something expensive in few minutes and go away with smiling faces. They would be imagining their families and everyone's faces in happiness if they could give them the same product some day but the near future is obviously dark as any kind of hike in salary cannot make them eligible for buying any of these products. The EMI is itself more than their monthly salary. 

              I thought of the patience these guys carry with themselves on daily basis from 10 AM to 10 PM. If these guys can be so patient, why do we become so obsessed with these sales that make us buy things we don't want? Aren't we satisfied and content with the kind of life we have gotten? Why do we crave for luxury that is not even required in our life? When required, yes, we should definitely go and get that product without thinking twice. But when our sweet home has everything that our family is happy with, why do we still log in and check out products and buy something which we use for few weeks in excitement and later on, it keeps getting depreciated every second in one corner? 

            We should learn to avoid such unwanted temptation thrown upon us in life. We should remember that money is hard-earned and it shouldn't be spent unless and until our daily lives aren't getting affected. Think about your personality if you already have a mobile purchased some 6 months back and you start feeling inferior, backward and stupid as soon as a new mobile phone is announced. This reflects how weak we are! We should learn to be content and happy if we have all the things we had in our LIST of NEEDS. Remember how our parents made list before going to market in our childhood and only those things were purchased. These days, Big Bazaar, D Mart etc makes us pick up things we never need and therefore, we realize later on that we are unable to save our money like before. Let's grow up and not get intimidated by such sweet provocations. Let's promise ourselves that we aren't going to be affected when a similar sale is announced again. :-)

 Do think about this.



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