27 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

My Parent's togetherness: 27 YEARS and still counting.... Haha!!!

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   This week my parents celebrated their 27th marriage anniversary and I just couldn’t lose the opportunity of talking about them. If my life is worthy of keeping anyone with it till its last breathe, it’s none other than these 2 people who have done almost everything possible for them to do for me. Now, as I have myself started earning, I can see how difficult it becomes to save for our old age plus spend in few unavoidable expenditures like bills, railway pass etc and over that, fulfil the basic requirement of myself. I still do not have a family and I can see moon in noon when it comes to saving money. I am saving but the whole budgeting things become too harsh for me to even think of marrying and settling down. And over this, my mother and father lived almost 80% of their married life in a very small salary but still managed to do almost everything that a lower middle class family always dreams about. They, with their struggles, have managed to bring our whole family at a level where I can undoubtedly say that we are leading a lifestyle of a higher middle class family but still with many restrictions. We are still not allowed to do many things because we know that the way we have built everything will crash in a blink. 

              Some 6 years ago when I had realized what really my parents had done for me all their lives, I had decided that whatever would be possible from my side, I would do it for them and give them that part of luxury which they had only experienced in homes of other richer friends. I have managed to do quite many of them but I have many more dreams for them. I am not trying to return them everything back what they did for me because that’s practically impossible to do. They had decided to keep their heart away from their body the day they had decided to have a baby. And because I am that isolated part of their body which is actually the reason of their life now, I feel that I should do everything first for them and then for myself. Yes, I know I become rebellious when it comes about few decisions but basically, for the reasons that really matters, I am always obedient to whatever they say. 

               My parents are over-protective of me which often makes me angry but when I think in silence, I feel that I must have done the same with them in some other particular situation. I know whenever in life I shall hurt them by taking any decision, I am going to face lot of calamities because of going with that particular decision. Therefore, often, I move back after walking a small distance on the path that they had asked me not to take because I know it would have something dangerous and risky ahead. My parents can never stop me for something which is really qualitative and life-appreciating but they will fight with me and even become my enemies to stop me taking the path which will cause even a small amount of pain to me sometimes in future. I do not know how they do this being so selfless but if they can do this, I can definitely ask for their advice before taking any decision.

                   I do not know how few children love arguing, fighting and proving their parents wrong every day. Even for a small thing said by their parents make them enough rebellious to humiliate their parents in front of the outsiders sometimes. And they feel proud of this. They feel its appreciating to display in public how they dominate their parents and aren’t a doodh peeta hua bachcha or Mamma’s boy. They do not know that they only get abuses after they leave the room from the people who experience it happening. My parents have fulfilled all my major dreams and I have taken an oath that whatever my parents feel is beneficial for them to feel that they have lived life full of contentment and there’s nothing that’s still left in the To-Do List of their life, I am not going to give up until each one of them is fulfilled and tick marked.  

             I thank my parents on their 27th marriage anniversary for providing me an easy life as compared to few friends of mine who are living to fulfil their family’s basic necessities rather than executing luxuries of life. My parents had planned their life wonderfully and I am going to plan mine similarly so that I can give my family and my children the same pleasing life as I am enjoying currently. May god bless them and I hope they keep complimenting each other so beautifully and improvise the quality of their lives and living. My best wishes are with them and I wish I am always near them before taking any big decision of my life. I hope Sai Baba is considering this request. :-)



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