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Review: TVF Pitchers: Realistic, Honest & Fresh! ****

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       It has been two months since the release of the finale episode of TVF's Pitchers. I had witnessed the craziness on Twitter for the finale episode after which I downloaded the series and finally watched it this weekend in one go. I am happy that I didn't follow when it was live because it would have become difficult to wait for every episode of this incredibly well-written, well-shot and well-performed web-series. The team of The Viral Fever channel should be appreciated for bringing up something like this which every youth can connect with and find it his/her own story even if they haven't stepped into start-up as this story is more than that. It's about failure, rejection, persistence, hard-work, self-belief, team work, friendship, risks, dreams, emotions, marital life, relationships, opportunities, happiness etc. 

           I am surprised to find such stuff being made by Indians so creatively that I sent several tweets to Arunabh Kumar in appreciation of his initiative to develop this series. The making of this series is also put up on the channel which shows the effort this small team have gone through in telling the story to us. There are many start-ups currently establishing in India as entrepreneurship is finally accepted among youth as an option for career than doing job under some boss. And therefore, it is the right time when TVF released this series as it helped audience know different stages that a person goes through when he goes to pitch his idea to the investors. 

           In 5 episodes of almost 40 minutes each, the screenplay is so smooth that I do not have the great words to appreciate that. The flow in which the story moves doesn't allow you to blink even once. The projection that the plot demands is only one dimensional but TVF made it special by inserting several humorous fillers in it. The silly situations give the serious plot little lightness which makes it easy for audience to go through the whole series in one-go. 

           There are few scenes that hits so well that it almost becomes memorable and you want to discuss it with someone who have also watched the same. I liked how Jitu had to struggle to join his friends when his father came at his home. He just couldn't let his father know that he left a good job and joined a start-up with friends. Similarly, I liked the ambitious attitude shown in the main protagonist, Naveen, as he asked his girlfriend to chose career over their relationship. Also the scene when Jitu thrashes those young boys is something that gives goosebumps. 

            Again, TVF has kept everything realistic and haven't gone too much in drama except that stage scene. I am not revealing much about the show but there's a lot of things that will click with each one of us watching it and the multifaceted value that it has is mind-blowing. The humor is also original and valuable in this series which enlightens the episodes. In all, this series have come like a fresh air for us where we are smitten with idiotic series where each dialogue is repeated three times with loud background music to add the effect. I give TVF Pitchers much deserving 4 stars out of 5 and I have intentionally rated it little low so that TVF's next series can be given more than whatever I am giving now. :-) 



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