8 November 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Guddu Ki Gun: Watch it only if you are okay with sex-comedy!!! **½

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        When I first watched the trailer of Guddu Ki Gun, I was expecting a different kind of comedy which would take Bollywood to the next level. Obviously, I am disappointed that the film didn't do justice completely with the plot that they made this whole movie upon. But still, Guddu ki Gun is watchable and funny in many parts. Yes, it does become silly more than enough but you manage to sit and watch to know what happens next with this unusual character, Guddu. 
            The story is completely new and hence, the writers should be applauded for the same. The film belongs to the sex comedy genre and hence, you will find many such scenes and jokes. I am also happy that they didn't objectify women in every another scene but kept the plot simple on the same theme with which the real story begins. The 2nd half becomes little more interesting than first as the real action begins when few people start chasing Guddu and later on, Guddu chasing them. I just felt that climax was quite dragged with that whole stage-performance scene. 

            Talking about the performances, Kunal Khemu does it wonderfully once again with his character and comic timing. He doesn't make things look silly otherwise few actors make a sex comedy scene look vulgar and disgusting. He carried the character very well. Sumeet Vyas, whom I recently watched in Permanent Roommates series by TVF, also does well as the supporting actor and you cheer for him whenever he is on screen. All the other characters participated well in this script which gave chance to everyone to showcase their best. 

            According to me, Guddu ki Gun is an average movie which is neither recommendable nor totally avoidable. Yes, you might feel it crass and cheap but remember, in Bollywood, when it comes to sex comedy you should enter expecting this to happen. I also feel that dialogue could have been little more creative. In all, I give the movie 2.5 stars out of 5. Watch it only if you are okay with this genre.



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