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You are the Best Wife by Ajay K Pandey (Book Review-3*/5) !!!

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     It seemed as if an era had passed since I read a book by Srishti which was based on a true love story until I picked up Ajay K Pandey’s debut book- “You are the best wife”. Author claims that it’s his and his wife, Bhavna’s true love story about their love and marriage. The back cover of the book also claims that all the proceeds from this book will be donated through Bhavna Charitable Trust (an initiative by author’s wife’s parents). Well, coming back to the book, it’s written with pure emotions and love. In every sentence whenever author described love for his wife shows his innocence and devotion. This book is from the genre which Srishti used to publish some 3-4 years ago consisting of a love story with little involvement of friends in it. Fortunately, this book doesn’t involve unwanted sex and intimate scenes. Author have kept the content as decent as possible from his end.

          Coming to Ajay’s writing style, it’s very impressive that his command on English language is fine even when he never aspired to be a writer. As this is his debut work, in few sentences, the struggle for sentence formation is visible but still his command is better than few bestseller writers. He has used simple words which makes this book a good companion while traveling. This book is more about how two lovers who have fallen in love are in struggle to get their parents’ approval for their marriage. Through the story, author have tried to show the problems couples deal during inter-caste marriages. This book can be called poor man’s “2 States”. 

          The first half of the book tells about how the protagonist’s college life begins with ragging and new friendships. Suddenly it switches to how the protagonist finds a girl attractive and woos her with his style. Afterwards, the book moves towards another dimension when parents get involved and from here, the struggle that both the lead characters go through is discussed. I wished if author could have entered some humour, the book would have become more interesting to read. It’s not that he haven’t tried but its ineffective most of the times. Author have concentrated more towards keeping this book as real as possible but he should have fictionalized little more to add masala and made it a dramatic story. 

        Anyways, the second half deals with what happens in their life after marriage. Author describes how the same girl starts stating her point of view which interjects with his lifestyle and the small clashes start taking place. Later on, book moves towards serious note and I recalled another book by Srishti and Ravinder Singh- “I too had a love story”. Author have described how the protagonist’s life suddenly changes and the difficulty he faces. Overall, the book is a light read which you can finish in a single sitting of 3-4 hours. It’s an average stuff- neither very good nor bad. You can surely gift this one to your partner this Valentine Day. I give this attempt 3 stars out of 5. It’s for romantic folks out there.



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