30 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Why my father is different from others :-)

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       My father celebrated his 55th birthday 2 days back. I missed him a lot throughout the day and held my tears many a time in office. Though we had party but my mind was engaged in little moments that I have shared with my father. He may not be one of the most successful men but he have definitely fulfilled all the basic needs I stipulated to achieve several dreams I lived with throughout my childhood and college life. Whenever I sit alone and think about several dots that I have managed to connect in my life and make myself stand on my legs, I conclude that whatever I have achieved or even managed to dream is because of the life my father provided me. I am going to be 26 years old within a month and I am finally quite settled in my life now. If I look behind and see, I find my father not being present in most of the achievements I earned.   

            Since 2008, my father has been living in different cities or countries while my mother and I are managing ourselves in Mumbai. It is the same year when I was going through depression and didn't want to study. I was creating enough nuisance for my family which made it difficult for my parents to sleep peacefully even for a single night. My father had lost all the hope he had from his son. Now he knew that all the financial support he would be getting in life will only be through what efforts he'll put in life because his son has lost the path and can commit suicide at any point of time. I didn't understand the trauma of the situation then but now I am quite evident of the fact my family was going through. But actually, my life became stable and started growing from 2009 on wards. 

           I got first rank among the pupils who gave entrance exam for Mumbai branch of Bharati Vidyapeeth's BCA. I scored 3rd rank thrice during Graduation along with many other achievements. I became a Blogger and got several opportunities in life because of the tag that came along with it. Then I joined MCA and did much better in life with stable performances and yes, also the best performance of my life since 10th std. By this time, I also started getting invited to the events which had various celebrities attending it. And now recently, I also got certified as Software Tester with A grade from the most reputed institute. I have just completed my first month at job. In all of these events which changed my life and turned me into a man from a boy, my father wasn't with him. He have only heard about these events on phone or read it on Whatsapp. He only saw my routine till the time I was wasting my life but never saw my lifestyle since I changed myself in a better version of myself. 

           Yes, may be he would be happy about the fact that his son didn't lose his path without an authoritative presence of father around him. May be, he would feel that he nourished his son in a way which made him feel enough responsible even when he didn't have anyone to control him because mothers can be easily fooled by sons. Haha! But still, I am sad about the fact that my father didn't see me getting developed. I only remember one instance when he went along with me for admission in MCA otherwise he has majorly been in the place where he worked. 

            He is doing the job still in a different country not because he is assuming his son won't support him financially as this generation is known to be selfish but he is doing it to make my life more easier. His plan is to make me feel independent about the money I'll earn and not worry that my parents have to be taken care by my money. He wants me to live my life as lavishly as I want and do not find the obstacle of parent's need in between. What would you say about such father? Is there any words that can make you feel he is not special? Which parent think so DEEPLY about their child's future life? Even now after I have got job, I asked him to fulfill one more dream of mine as I wish to be an MBA too. And he didn't question even once that I should do it with my money as I have started earning. He got ready to invest his money upon me once again. But when I asked for a new bike, he clearly refused. That's my father. :-) He does for what I need before than what I just want. 

           A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him and I wish when he'll be back at home after 3 years as he would be getting retired, he will get to see how his son is leading his life by being busy either in studying something else after MBA or writing blog or book or reading another novel. But I'll do almost everything to make him forget the son who made him cry in sorrow and pain. I'll make him cry.. Yes, I will, in happiness and pride time and again. That's my promise. I love you, papa. And thanks for everything if it's possible to let parents know that we know what they have done to make us a good human being by thanking them. :-)



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