30 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Is Raksha Bandhan all about only our families?

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       This weekend is all about Raksha Bandhan. People are meeting their respective brothers and sisters and enjoying the chemistry between them. I also saw many of them sitting in their big cars and going to travel somewhere. That's the specialty of festivals and the fun in celebrating them. Sisters get happy just with few chocolates in their kitty given by their brother as a token of love on this day when girls demand to be protected by their friend from birth- Brothers. As I do not have any sister and even my cousin sisters aren't in talking terms with me, the whole proceedings of Raksha Bandhan is watched by me as a 3rd person. I was thinking about these sweet brothers who look like cute little boys on this special day but for rest of their lives, many of them are so notorious that it makes other sisters difficult to walk safely on road.   

             We promise our sisters that they shall be protected ever and forever in any circumstance and unconditionally. But when it comes to other sisters, we see them as an item to be teased, if she is more regularly seen, then stalked, and if she does not revert back in fear, try holding their hand and sometimes, end in molesting or raping them or make them humiliated in public. This happens generally with the girls who do not respond the moment she gets to know that she is been watched by a boy or particularly, group of boys. I know taking any action only causes more repercussions but then we do not have other option too. Isn't it? 

             On this Raksha Bandhan, the boys who find it masculine to treat girls as an object for playing and venting out their frustration should take an oath of protecting sisters of others before their. If each one of us start doing this, every girl will find herself safe in our country. Our country is known for respecting women and seeing them as goddesses but the time has come when people show finger towards those statues in our olden temples and the women we kept under veil from centuries. We are shown that the women were always meant to be dominated in our society. As it's said that the Beauty Lies In The Eyes of The Beholder, it's upon you to see women how you would like to see- as an object to just have sex with or a person whose respect you would like to achieve. 

             Because boys know that the girls are the sweetest creature of this planet and also very conservative, they won't get their attention until and unless they really become deserving they start troubling them differently to get the same attention they craved for centuries. Come on dude, you do get the attention but it's nothing but a dirty glance of that girl at you. Be something which makes it a good feeling for a girl's heart to approach you and be with you. She should feel protective with you rather than feeling dirty and cheap. She should feel confident about her body rather than feeling sad about her body parts when she is with you. 

           The example of how we treat our women is unintentionally depicted accurately in that Tiger-Kriti video named "Chal Wahaan Jaate Hain". As soon as Kriti enter the college, Tiger warns his friends by saying "Iske saath nahi" when they start whistling and teasing her. It clearly meant that he is okay if it's done with other girls but not his one. That is the reality. We are only protective about our mother, sister, wife and daughter. But for others, we have the same intention that others have for our ladies. Be frank with the girls around you but do not be insulting. Yes, there are also cases where girls are misusing the current issue of girl protection and blaming boys even when they aren't wrong. The recent Delhi case of that Sardar boy and the AAPtard girl is an example. But today on this Raksha Bandhan, I wish boys to think about protecting sisters and daughters of others as much as they protect their own families. Let this BANDHAN get beyond our families. :-) 



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