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How to enjoy your life and job by Dale Carnegie (Book review-3*/5) !!!

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       I had heard a lot about Dale Carnegie's book about winning friends and influencing people some 7-8 years ago when I was undergoing depression. I wanted to read him but never got a chance. Finally, I decided to read his book for getting some help in my new job-oriented life. So I picked up "How To Enjoy Your Life and Job". The new cover page of the book is really appealing and gives a sense of positivism even before you have paid for it and it's all yours. :- ) I had very high expectations from him as every time I have read a foreign author's book on self-help except Paulo Coelho, I have found my lifestyle changing dramatically towards excellence. It took me whole week to complete the book as with a job, the speed of reading books have become drastically slower. 

           As I am finally done reading it yesterday on a beautiful Sunday morning, I can say that I have read nothing but a mediocre book. Dale Carnegie's writing style is perfect. No problem with it. But I had a big issue of getting noodles in packaging of chocolate. I felt cheated. I had expected tips for a fresher who have just started a job or for a middle-aged man who is finding it hard to give time to his family because of job. I also expected tips on how to keep up with boss and colleagues. But what I ended up reading was the same tips that I had heard were discussed in his most famous book I discussed in the first sentence. It's all about how to impress people with your talks. The stuffs that are discussed in this book are also powerful and a guide to become a likable person in society but that's the issue.. I love eating both chocolate and noodles but when I want chocolate, noodle can't give me the happiness. 

           The book is perfectly divided into different chapters and author have discussed each point of his with several examples which helps you to understand his discussion better. Few examples are striking and makes you realize how wrong you have been while dealing with people till date. Some mails and letters that the author have shared are the best parts of this book. It clarifies the whole approach when we try to sell something to someone. An aspiring businessman or salesman will definitely benefit out of the ideas given by the author, Dale Carnegie. In all, I will give this book 3 out of 5 and nothing more than that. 



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