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Review: All Is Well: Boring, Pathetic, Fast Poison!!! 0

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       How to start? I do not know. I have watched something so boring and pathetic that my mind have stopped working. A film named "All Is Well" released this weekend and unfortunately, it made even it's audiences unwell. I had little expectations with the movie even though it had nothing that really excited me except the director's name. He is the one who also directed Ohh My God! I have seen downfalls in life, even in mine. But this one is the biggest it seems- from an epic movie to a boring movie that can make audiences scream "Ohh My God! Ohh My God!" in almost every scene. I could not believe that a movie with just 126 minutes can drain down all the energy of celebrating the weekend in me. 

            The whole feel of "All Is Well" is so oldish that you couldn't believe that it's made in today's time. If you will watch Abhishek's RUN and this movie back to back, you will find no difference in the way of story-telling, screenplay, cinematography and PERFORMANCES. Every scene is made with intentions of making audiences laugh like never before but they only make you look at the people around you who are actually laughing at such silly jokes and pitying with the IQ level they have.The direction is so poor that you don't find the movie moving in any direction in the first 90 minutes of the movie. The love angle between Abhishek and Asin is also so dull and unappealing that you are astonished that the writer couldn't even pull this emotion which our Bollywood have the most experience in. 

             Abhishek Bachchan did a solo actor role after almost 5 years and how badly he have failed that I wish he understands that even if he is given an opportunity to play something like Krrish or Singham's latest part, he should deny and ask for a side role. He is not growing as an actor and still wants people to clap watching him in beard, with same dance steps and with the same expressions in almost every kind of scene. Asin is also as wasteful as Abhishek in the movie and have nothing to do except making sad faces every time the character of Abhishek rejects her. Rishi Kapoor and Supriya Pathak are just sleeping in the movie and speaking dialogues roughly as if they aren't paid well and they are wanting to finish the shoot as early as possible and leave. I am dead seeing such deadly performances. Someone please play the DVD of Ohh My God to bring back life in me. 

             The dialogues are so pathetic that you can start dreaming of becoming a dialogue writer in big films like this. I do not remember dialogues word by word otherwise if I would have shared it here, leave watching this film, you would have filed a case against me for mentally torturing you by making you read them. I have all my sympathy with the people who have watched this film by paying good amount in big multiplexes. Hope God takes away all the richness from your life if you want to waste the money like this. I give this movie.... is there anything I should give this movie? It's 0 out of 5 from me. 



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