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Pragat Kasana: " I usually tweet anything funny that pops-up in my mind and people eventually like it" (Interview) !!!

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Pragat Kasana is one rare personality who had almost 15000 Followers on Twitter even before he started writing his first book. Just imagine what his popularity would be once he writes few more books and promotes himself through his popular accounts. His first book "The Unbreakable Law" has just released and we talked about it with him recently. 

1. How does it feel after writing and publishing your first book, Mr. Kasana?

Ans: It’s obviously feels great. This book is very close to my heart and it’s satisfying to finally see it getting published.

2. How difficult was it to get published?

Ans: I contacted many publishers and finally PepperScript accepted the manuscript and then I started to give finishing touch to the book with my editor, and after working for two long years, we finally get the book published.

3. Tell us what inspired you to write “The Unbreakable Law”. What is the book basically about?

Ans: There are a lot of things which inspired me to write TUL but the most significant of them was the concept of destiny. I decided to pen down my thoughts about destiny in the form of an adventurous and entertaining story. The book basically revolves around the concept of destiny and how it controls the lives of the protagonist and of the people he is trying to help.

4. How did you create the characters and thought about the names for them?

Ans.: The story required a unique world of unique people hence I named them differently unlike normal people. The characters were created according to the different characteristics and powers of each of them so I thought about the names accordingly.

5. How has been your association with PepperScript till now? Will you like to get your next book published by them again?

Ans.: Absolutely. They had been very co-operative and enthusiastic throughout the process and the best thing is that they don’t settle for average.

6. Are you planning to write a sequel to this book or writing something new this time?

Ans: Yes, I do have a sequel in mind but it is not a compulsion for me, however I would like to work on it. Moreover, what matters most is how my readers respond to TUL. I have other plans as well; let’s see what happens when.

7. Where do you find yourself as a writer after 5 years from now?

Ans.: As I said, everything depends on how people react to TUL but as a writer, I don’t want to stop writing. Hopefully, next five years are going to be very interesting, and at least I would like to see myself as an author of two to three published books. You know how dreams influence your words. But seriously, I am looking forward to bringing more of my writing to the readers. 

8. Because your book is a fantasy, don’t you feel that it would be hard making a film on it even if you get your book sent to some great Bollywood directors? 
Ans: I agree with that and I think it’s going to be challenging.

9. How did you manage to get 2000+ Followers on Twitter even without the Author’s tag?

Ans: I usually tweet anything funny that pops-up in my mind and people eventually like it. I hope more people appreciate me with the Author tag as well.

10. Any words for the readers picking up your book and liking/disliking your work?

Ans: I have done my very best and so has the publisher but readers are the best persons to give an opinion and I request them to give it a read.

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Blaber Blogger said...

I have been following him in twitter since quite a while. . great to know about his book

Gaurav Chaudhary said...

I followed him for his humor and glad he follows me too.
Such a nice and humble guy he is
Way to go Pragat bhai ☺

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