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Review: Manjhi: Motivating, Inspiring, Unmissable! ****

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      When I saw Manjhi's trailer, I was sure that I am watching the movie and it hurt me a lot when I came to know that it's leaked 10 days prior to its release. I knew about this personality- Manjhi from a long time and watching a movie inspired on his life was just a magical moment for me. The audiences should go knowing that film is said not to be "based" on his life but "inspired" so not everything is as correct as his life but it still shows a big picture on how Manjhi fought against several people and contemporary issues of Bihar. The director have continuously mentioned the year and the number of years passed since Manjhi started breaking the mountain which made it really helpful to understand the whole timeline. 
           Ketan Mehta ensured that the film does not get boring by showing a man breaking mountain continuously with little conversation with villagers. He has wittily designed the whole plot which consists of many sub-plots and flashback which makes it more cinematic experience than just a biopic of a villager who stood out because of his determination and innocence. The love angle between the protagonists is also wonderfully shown which makes it interesting to watch. Several other issues like eve-teasing, raping, dictatorship, politics, mafia, emergency by Congress, Maoists, child-marriage etc are showcased with right amount of screen time which does not look preachy but still makes you understand the struggle of this man personally. 

             Nawazuddin Siddiqui have played a character who's life of almost 30 years was shown in the movie. And he does so incredibly well that it will make you forget his performance of Gangs of Wasseypur 2. He is so good with expressing through his eyes that half of his work speaks through them. His body language keeps changing with the years and he manages it very well. In few scenes, he makes you laugh and weep with him. Radhika Apte is adorable and charming. Pankaj Tripathi have acted very well and you will love to hate him in this movie. All the other performances are equally good. The guy playing the journalist also leaves his mark in the movie.

             Overall, the effort of the whole unit can be seen through this movie and it deserves standing ovation. Yes, making it little "filmy" didn't make it as excellent as the movie could have been but still, it's no less. If there's something worth watching after Masaan, it's Manjhi. I wish producer recovers the cost in spite of the leak. Hats off to the whole team. I give the movie 4 stars out of 5. GO FOR IT!!!



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