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Review: Drishyam: Unmissable, Strong, Thrilling! ****½

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      I watched Drishyam last week. And since 4 days, every day I am finding at least 15 people watching it on their smartphones in Mumbai Local. This is the sheer word-of-mouth popularity of the movie that everyone is wanting to watch it. The film wasn't extensively promoted and therefore, by its trailer and song promos, even I had decided to skip it but I find myself lucky to experience a great and fine movie like it. After Baby and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Drishyam is the 3rd movie this year whom I have given my heart. I had never expected it to be this great but I am very happy to see Ajay Devgn doing serious cinemas for what he is known for. Though the collections aren't good but the movie isn't below 4 stars by any standards.       

           Nishikant Kamat have assured that even though the movie length is more than usual but you will not get bored watching the thriller. The start is slow but it was needed for creating the after-story which is the main plot. I would also appreciate the writer- Upendra Sidhaye for writing such a wonderful script which may have a flaw but as a normal audience, you will only find greatness in every scene of it. The tension between the protagonist and policeman is nicely depicted since beginning. The situation where a dad refuses to send his daughter to Goa but on insisting has to agree and then how the consequences of the trip destructs the family's peace is sent across a good message. The story also focuses on how children are given independence and boys aren't asked what are they doing and where are they which causes several crimes in society. There are many such unspoken discussions in the movie which does not make it preachy but surprisingly, a great thriller, just like BABY.

           Ajay Devgn plays his role of a family man perfectly and you will love him specially in the 2nd half when he starts planning, plotting and executing. His eyes speaks everything for you and that's the incredibility of this actor. Shriya Saran is also perfect in her role and plays a mother perfectly without any sort of over-acting and unwanted performance. Tabu- the moment she enters the movie, she takes it to some another level. A different dimension she gave to her character despite playing a mother of a boy who has been killed is great to see. Ishita Dutta who played Ajay Devgn's daughter is the younger sister of Tanushree Dutta in real but thankfully, what a nice actor she is unlike her sister. Kamlesh Sawant and Rajat Kapoor have also done great justice to their roles.

            The music of the movie isn't catchy and fails to deliver. Also, few scenes initially could have been easily edited. Except these 2 flaws, this movie has nothing on which you can point your finger. In the end when you'll think that everything is over, the last scene will make you jump off your seat. That's the best way this movie could have ended. I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 and ask everyone to watch it without delaying. It deserves to be a HIT if not Super Hit. 



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