30 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Bangistan: Script-less, Bad Performance, Wanna-be Humour!!! **

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      It took a long time for me but I finally ended up watching Bangistan. It is a movie directed by Karan Anshuman, a critic turned director. We always ask critics to make a movie themselves and know the complexity involved in carrying out a project. Finally, Karan Anshuman agreed to do the same and showed us that they are also as mediocre as the directors they criticize on every Friday. Bangistan is a story which is made with great intentions but without a script. Movie makes an impact nowhere even when it is made on a topic that could have given at least 4-5 good and great scenes. The direction and story is the biggest flaw here and therefore , there's not much on which one can really talk considering this movie.        

             Coming to the performances, Riteish Deshmukh have tried a lot to save this movie but even his performance couldn't devote an audience's attention as there is no story which the actor could have taken forward. With years of experience, Riteish knows how to carry forward a satire and his body language shows it. Pulkit Samrat is just trying to copy Salman Khan's style of 1990s. He is trying to speak in the same accent and voice that Salman did. He is also trying to walk like him. He is just being a wanna-be which is as irritating as anything can be in terms of acting. He is not impressive. Jacqueline has just 2-3 small scenes in the movie and actually does not have anything to do. She is just passing time on the sets of this movie which is quite visible in her performance and role. Kumud Mishra is also eaten up because of script. 

             There is no song which you will come out humming. Music direction has also been very mediocre. Action scenes aren't there in the movie and therefore even that's not expected. Overall, I am thankful that I avoided watching it in theater. Cheers to all who skipped this movie. I give it just 2 stars out of 5. 



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