30 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Why are we trapped in so many IDENTIFICATIONS?

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         I have read many books on yoga and meditation recently because of the extreme stress I had started feeling in almost everything around me- right from my last semester to job search to my relationships. I was finding everything painful and I wanted to get into right things in right way. I just didn't want to start anlom-vilom just from the next day and end up ruining my body more. Hence, I thought of reading the books that really matters and teaches me the basic fundamentals of the things I'll achieve if I follow these things. Once you get to know what you will achieve, you already start becoming the same that you wish for even when you do not follow the same. If you know that you want to reduce your tummy, even if you won't start exercising, you will at least become conscious of eating foods full of fats as you know it will not let you achieve the ultimate body you dream for.

             While reading about these spiritual topics, I got to know about a basic fact that is ruining the whole culture around us. Once, there used to be extreme love and support among people but now we have started killing and destroying each other for small and basic reasons which actually does not matter much. We are all a part of humanity and we should respect what we are born as. But the leading problem lies in the way we start identifying ourselves. Like in Flipkart, we have also categorized ourselves among different products. We have stopped considering all of us as one. We are only seeing either ourselves as individuals or of one category. When we find someone from the same category, we are over-friendly with that stranger or else we sue the stranger as if he is someone untouchable or unworthy of even deserving our single minute.

             We have attached so many identifications with ourselves that we get annoyed as soon as that identification is hit. And therefore we have started getting hurt and affected whenever our nation, religion, region, caste, college, city, mobile company, network company, Internet plan, organization, building, gender, skin color, brands we use, malls we like, food we eat is pointed at. These are just few identifications that have come in my mind just now otherwise we have isolated ourselves in many different categories that I am sure if a Database Designer would be asked to make tables and fetch person according to their identifications, it will take him all his life to create unlimited tables and relationships with a single individual on whom it would be designed. 

             This is the reason why there are useless debates and abusive wars on social media like Apple vs Samsung, Maruti vs Honda, Flipkart vs Amazon, Salman vs SRK, Modi vs Gandhi,  and the epics like India vs Pakistan, Girls vs Boys, Rich vs Poor and Hindu vs Muslim. Now that yoga have become quite a cool and glamorous thing to do these days, people do not know that even it is a method to remove all the identifications from your mind and be alone and isolated from all such materialistic things of life. In fact, yoga asks you to even isolate your body and soul from your mind and make these 3 things three different parts of your existence. Now just imagine that even your body is asked to remove from the list with which you identify yourself and we associate ourselves with the factors I have mentioned above. Please open your eyes, my friends, and let isolate ourselves from all the identifications we have tied ourselves with. Let's not fight, argue and discuss if someone is speaking anything against anything that we are or we use. Let's just smile at that person's ignorance and immaturity, close our eyes and go in our own meditation which has only us complimenting the humanity and its presence. :-)



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