30 August 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: PHANTOM: Patriotic but silly and nothing new to deliver!!! ***

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        Phantom means illusory, not real or shadow. Here, in the movie, they portray Saif Ali Khan as one because he does not exist for the world. He is ousted from Indian Army because he was found far away from his battalion during a war between two nations. All the members of his team had died while he was charged for leaving his group in the time of hardship. Never did anyone believe that he crossed the lakshman rekha to fight against the rivals. This infuriated his father so much that his family had stopped talking with him since then. He wants to bring back his father's trust in him. He again wants a young soldier to salute him with the same energy and respect. And therefore, he agrees for a mission in which he is sent alone to kill all the master minds of 26/11 and give the terrorist a fitting reply that they cannot kill us and live safely. Yes, he is sent alone. Believe me. It happens in the movie. And you know what, he kills all of them by the end of the movie. I'm phantom-ed

             Generally speaking, movie isn't very bad that I should clearly write it off but the problem is that it has nothing special. Particularly because of movies like D-Day and recently released Baby which have done the same. Now this topic for a film is old and you have to deliver something new for creating the interest among the audience. There was nothing new in the movie nor exciting. In the name of thriller, I was expecting the movie to make me jump at least once from my place like Baby did in its second half. Here, every thing happens so easily that you finally feel bored. You wait for a scene to happen and you are shocked to find that it happens so easily that even you could have written that particular piece of screenplay. 

             Kabir Khan have just delivered a hit- Bajrangi Bhaijaan and gave Salman Khan the biggest hit of his career. The film was also excellent unlike Salman's most recent hits. Therefore, with huge expectations, audiences will go for Phantom. But the minuscule treatment given to this movie in terms of everything will drain all your energy. The casting itself isn't proper. The Saif Ali Khan who generally plays an USA-returned guy is given a role of something similar to James Bond. Katrina Kaif who is basically in movies for an item song and 10 minutes of bad acting is given a role of Security Analyst which she delivers like a teenager. Other actors are also wasted similarly. The movie is bad in terms of performance itself. 

           Coming to the story, it's so easy that you will want to ask director what was he thinking while reading the script. When a movie is made on such topic, people expect to watch some intelligent and witty stuff. The MASTERMINDS are killed so easily that you want to laugh like an idiot considering why police and other big security forces couldn't even touch them. The movie is fine if you do not give its simple plots a bad rating. It's a film that will want you to support because it is about patriotism and fighting against these terrorists who periodically keeps telling our nation how weak we are and we can do nothing against them. Just for that, this movie isn't a worst material totally. Hence, I will give it 3 out of 5 stars. Rest, Afghan Jalebi is a killer song and almost every song in the movie is soulful. 



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