5 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Virat Kohli!!! Happy 25th Birthday to you!!!

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   Cricket will remain to be the most followed sports no matter how big a sportsman performs in any other sport. There has been many instances when people diverted their mind to some other sport but came back to Cricket after realizing the fact that no one else can entertain us as much as clones of Sachin Tendulkar do. Haha! Since Sachin Tendulkar started under-performing, India needed a star who can fill his shoes and create as much havoc as Sachin Tendulkar on the field. And we fortunately got Virat Kohli. A very young boy just as Sachin Tendulkar was when he begun playing. A very young boy who had guts to thrash any bowler bowling to him. A very young boy who knew that the team needed him in every impossible run chases more than anyone else in the team. A Very Happy Birthday to this new born star- VIRAT KOHLI. A Cricketer whom people have begun believing more than the game because of the innings he has been playing since a long time.

           Recently, in the Australia series, he scored the highest run from our side until that 209 came from Rohit Sharma. People don't get influenced by such scores of Rohit Sharma or Shikhar Dhawan at this stage because they are occasional. But what Virat Kohli has been doing is a consistent performance. Even in this series, he hit two centuries out of which one is the fastest ODI century ever made in ODIs by an Indian. If he could have scored 81 in his last match, the same one in which Rohit Sharma got him run out, he would have become the quickest in world to score 5000 ODI runs by breaking Vivian Richard's record but still he has chance to equal that records if he does it in his next match. His impact is such that when Rohit realized that whom he had sent back to pavilion, he went up scoring his century too and did 209. Haha! Virat has also scored 1000+ runs in 2013 which makes his 3rd consecutive year to score 1000 runs. This is what you call consistency. :-)

            Recently he was been asked about his aggression and he said it clearly that its everyone's unique style to approach the game on the ground and this is his. He says that until and unless he is scoring runs he doesn't feel need to do any changes in his style. Well, he is right in his own way. If people would have excused Sachin Tendulkar from suggesting and doubting, their condemnation towards Kohli could have said to be justified but now we know, society's chaar log will always say something no matter how good you do. He has been ranked 1st by ICC just two days ago which makes him the only Indian to achieve this feat after Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. After Sachin's retirement, it's Virat Kohli who has most number of centuries in the team even after many of his seniors are playing with him. That's his charisma at the age of 25 itself. The age at which boys love flaunting their initial salaries, girlfriends and hanging out, this boy sweats on the ground day and night to perfect his game and become the master against the oppositions. 

            I know that this form shall come to a break for a short period of time sometimes later in his career. And I hereby announce that I will keep supporting him even then because all his innings have made a house in my mind somewhere which has given me immense pleasure, happiness, zeal and excitement while watching matches. Whenever India wins, there is a patriotic feeling inside us that makes us celebrate more and Virat Kohli has been giving us such moments more than anyone else. I know that a day is coming soon when Virat Kohli is going to become the 4th Indian to score 200+ in ODIs after the first three and that too in the least number of balls. I am just waiting for that day. :-) A very Happy Birthday to you, Virat Kohli. I hope I have not committed any mistake in this Blog Post for which you'll need to abuse me. :-)



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nice post for the new super hero virat kohli . Beautiful bat's man of india..

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