20 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A Child within us misses its originality :-(

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   Last week, India celebrated Children's day. It is one of the most controversial days in my home. My mother used to forcibly make me wish her Mother's Day when I was kid. Even when there was no Twitter and Facebook, I knew that Mother's Day has to be celebrated every day and not just once :-) but still mummy used to ask me to wish her. I never used brain then. But from last 3 years, I make her wish me on 14th November on Children's Day. Every time I ask her do that, she says that it is just birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru and nothing else to which I have to reply that even on Mother's Day, there would be something as unrelated thing as this but when it's already a culture at home, it has to be followed. :-) Children's day makes me remember those days at school when we were asked to wear white kurta and pyjama and come to school with a rose in hand because Mr. Nehru loved it. If they would have asked to do the same today, I would have taken Rahul Gandhi's effigy and asked all my classmates to kick it. Maa ki! Congress! Huh!

            Shouldn't we relocate Children's Day on Atal B. Vajpayee's birthday than Nehru's at least now after seeing what kind of generation he has produced and gone? Well, let's leave the politics behind. I have already ceased talking about it. My friends know it very well my love for children. Every time I go to mall or garden with them, they find that I have lost somewhere. When they search me, they find that I am around some child and loving him or just looking at him because I am scared that his smart mommy won't like me getting closer to her sweet kid. :-) There are certain attributes that I love in children. If you will observe a small child, you will find that he would be wanting to do every second thing that he finds people around him doing. He wants to learn every thing that people around him does. I remember a small kid I had as my neighbour when I was in Nashik. Once, he saw me picking up 10 kg packet of Atta. He came and started trying to pick it up and insisted for 1 hour. His face turned red but he didn't accept defeat. At last, we found him sleeping on the packet itself. He kept trying until he slept on it after getting tired. That's what we lose after growing up. 

         Similarly, you will observe that a child is ready to go into anyone's arm without judging the person initially. Only when a child is in bad mood that he ignores everyone and wants to put his head down on his mother's shoulder. Even in the evening, a child is ready to play around with any child that he finds. He does not judge anyone initially. A child runs away particularly from the person who beats, troubles and irritates him. That's the only reason why a child ignores someone. But after growing when a child turns into you and me, he judges everyone by his caste, religion, language, mother tongue, financial status, color, complexion, education, success etc. If all of us turn into a child even today, we will find ourselves jumping and twisting ourselves in fun and joy just as the child in our neighborhood does.

            That child when gets beaten by mother or father does get angry at them but at the same time, he screams "mummy.. mummy.." continuously while crying. He knows that even when my parents aren't allowing me to do things that I want to do, they are the ones who will also wipe my tears at the time of pain and disappointment. But now, after growing up, we neither celebrate our birthdays with parent nor we discuss our problems with them. We prefer talking and partying with our friends who are a temporary part(except few) of life rather than parents even when our experiences say that it's our parents who pulled us out of the mud when all our friends surrendered to help. How ignorant we have turned in all these years. The child that we were was such a perfect person. If we would have continued to be the same, we would have been a perfect legend today beating right from Abdul Kalam to Sachin Tendulkar. 

            A child falls uncountable times while walking but does not stops walking or trying for it. He wants to himself walking and running the same way as his father or mother. A child does not get satisfied with his milk if he sees that his parents are sipping tea. He wants to have what his parents are having. He always wants to do what bigger people do around him. He does not settle for worst or even mediocre. He wants the best. But with time, he grows up and stops learning, trying, dreaming and slogging. And with it, the excitement of childhood that he had diminishes away and what remains with him is an egoistic body and heartless soul. That kid loves to pick up coin from floor of the house and keep it safely so that no one takes it away from him. After years, he spends the same money without counting it on his friends who use him for fun and entertainment. That child who loved to cut cake bought by parents on birthday stops even celebrating birthday with parents and goes with friend and expects cake from them. This is how we grew up and lost a beautiful soul that we had in us. In this month of Children's Day, let's try to get back to that child and let's put effort to retrieve all our wonderful attributes back to our personality. :-)



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