3 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

This Diwali use your own brain!!! :-)

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  When we know that our team has won the Semi Final game and the next match that can fetch us the World Cup is 3 days later, we get all our work done and wait for the final moments with all our nerves and veins working in tension. The same happens with the biggest festivals each year. We prepare for Diwali for almost 2 weeks and the day of Diwali is the most silent until its 7 PM. Its 7 PM when the Diwali Puja takes place and right from 8 PM to morning 4 AM, we hear various sound of crackers and find the whole city that's in our visibility shining as if Lord Rama is going to return back today from his exile. :-) Well yes, this happened in our mythology and it is treated as a live moment still. People still believe that Goddess Lakshmi will be coming to our house and if she gets impressed by its cleanliness, tidiness, prosperity and positivism, she will bless us with life long safety and financial stability. And the funny thing is that people do this every year. Now when its already done once and the impression has been created, so you are eligible for life-long blessing, right? Then why to do it every year? Well, that's religion and that's the devotion for God. And with this, I would like to wish a very Happy Diwali to all of you. 

        Diwali is an emotional festival for everyone as everyone has some or the other beautiful moments to remember from childhood which he/she misses on the day. As soon as the crackers starts bursting off, we start remembering the times when he had a wonderful group of friends with whom we used to celebrate the festival. With age, the curiosity to celebrate festivals gets dull but this isn't right. There should be some alternative for the playful moments that we had then. So that we can still have the curiosity to do something when the festival arrives. For me, the most exciting part still is Diwali Pujan. My mother makes me recite the bhajans and artis so that I can learn how to do these things which also play a part in life. I love jingling the bell while singing. She asks me to keep a book of mine in Puja and I always keep the one in which I have a doubt whether I'll pass or not. Haha! After the Puja is done, I and my mother put Teeka on each other's forehead and feed each other with sweets, mainly Kaaju Katli which is my favorite. :-) 

           All the afternoon till puja and then after puja, I do work after going to a house or two in the neighbourhood for wishes and minor celebrations. My friends and parents often ask me to get down and celebrate festival or at least witness it but I have some other belief. I don't believe in participating in something that creates so much of sound meaninglessly as it's clearly written in our books that just diyas are to be lit on the day of Diwali and nothing else. And I don't even find it any amusing to witness something that I hate so much. But I love seeing the lightnings that people decorate their homes with. That is something I love very much because it's not every evening that you got to see so many different colors playing hide and seek with you. 

         I believe that Diwali is festival of Rama doing his job and returning back to home after sacrificing all his wealth and luxury for 14 years. I should try to follow it to be little close to my religion. Then it's also the festival of worshiping Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga who are the forms of wealth, knowledge and aggression respectively. So I feel that I should concentrate in doing that work on the day of Diwali which shall focus on all these departments. And I know many who do the same because they know exactly what festivals and religions are made up for. It is not for spending money like an idiot just because every one around you is doing the same. On this festival, try to make sure that you use your conscious brain to think something that carries wit, wisdom, knowledge application and innocence. Do the activity that you find is totally away from sin and crime. And you will achieve everything on this Diwali with the blessings of God and parents. :-) A very Happy Deepawali to all of you. 



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Soulmate said...

My 10-year-old cousin called me to wish a happy Diwali. When I asked him about firecrackers, he said that he's dad has told him to be eco-friendly this Diwali. So no bursting firecrackers for himself but only watching others explode it in his colony :)

Unknown said...

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