26 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

25th Marriage Anniversary of my Parents!!!

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    On 23rd November, 2013, 3 days ago, my dear parents celebrated their 25th Marriage Anniversary. The day I had been waiting from a long time. I wanted my parents to feel special about the day and life. I was so superstitious and sensitive about the event which I organized that I didn't even write this blog at 12 AM on 23rd like I do every time. I didn't want anyone's wrong words to affect my dream of giving my parents the widest smile of their life. I was earning with lots of effort in the part time job that I do since last few months to make my parents feel special and top of the world. There were 2-3 families who were insisting my parents to celebrate the day grandly but my parents kept refusing because of a crisis my family currently is in. I wanted to overcome the unexpected crisis that's part of our life currently and beat it. I did the same. I asked all the super three families that were insisting to organize the party themselves if we aren't interested. But I surprised all of them when I announced that I have already booked a restaurant, decided the menu and I am calling them just to invite at the event. They were very surprised and happy to see that a child that was born in front of them is capable enough to organize such a big celebration himself. All because of their blessings for me in all these years that something like this has been possible. :-)

   My parents play a prominent part in my life. Everyone's parents do something special for their child but not many parents guide their child in the right way to make their dream successful of making their child "Laakhon mein ek". Well, even I am not laakhon mein ek but my parents have managed me very well. I feel that they have taught me wonderfully as to what right path in life is. I never do blunders and small mistakes. Because they have taught me to control myself. Whatever negativity they had in life or whatever limitations they faced, they have made sure that their child does not get restricted because of same reasons. They have carved my life in such an appropriate manner that even I feel surprised to live such a decent life which is almost stress-less and tension-less. I usually don't compare myself or my life with anyone's but when I compare my life with what I had in school and what I have now, I can imagine my parent's contribution to it. It is because of them that I have been able to work upon my dreams since last 4 years since I joined BCA+MCA and also started Blogging. Otherwise life before it was nothing beyond average. They have brought me up with a message that I am made for something special. That has always motivated me.

 The petty values that other parents feel that their child would learn himself thinks wrong. My parents always had themselves on toes just because they wanted to teach me every small and big thing of life and about life. The best thing that they have taught me is to respect every penny that I earn. The second best that they taught me is to never be greedy by seeing at someone's wealth. They always taught me to give treat to my friend as soon as I get a treat. They always made sure that I don't ask for money to anyone. And for that, one has to save his money. So automatically I understood the logic. Every time I see a wealthy and rich guy, I never feel that I should loot him in the name of relationship. Instead I wish and hope that I would be like him one day. It has affected such that I have never ever demanded party from anyone for anything. I always believe that a person should keep his money and success with himself because it's in moment of failure that these money and success gives a mean of survival.

  Whatever goodness I have in me is because of my parent's ambition for me. Whatever defect and incompleteness I have in me is because of my ignorance, laziness, block of mind and unwillingness to learn fast. I can never ignore a single request and order of my parents. I can sacrifice any happiness of my life for a smile on their faces. For me, no one comes even at a distance of 1/100th part of my parents. No one has done even that closer to what they have done to me. When someone says that I am a wonderful person, I directly give its credit to my parents rather than boasting 100 more things about me though I don't have qualities more than two in me. On the 25th Anniversary of my parents, I gifted them a customized table calendar designed by me as a common gift, Sony's 16.1 Megapixel camera to my father and Samsung Microwave Oven to my mother. Also hosted a party ceremony at one of the best restaurants of my town. The whole event right from cake cutting to eating at restaurant was held as exactly as I planned it hence I was as happy as anyone could have been. I wish my parents a wonderful life ahead and promise them that I will try my best to always give them the smile that they strongly deserve in life. 



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bro, I am glad that I know you. you are a gem.

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