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OOPS! I fell in for DON's daughter by Piyush Naik (Book Review-1.5*/5)!!!

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   This is my 2nd novel within 24 hours. This is a warm up session that I had for 3 days so that as soon as my exam ends on 12th December which is going to start after 5 days from now, I can start reading novels back to back without feeling myself as a starter. Generally what happens is- I read the first two novels slowly because of losing the habit of reading. I pick up only after I get a wonderful page-turner. I don't know what am I going to write in the paper that's on 2nd December but let's see what God has kept in store for me. :-) Well, the novel that I completed just now is "Oops! I fell in for DON's daughter". It is written by a debutante- Piyush Naik. It's published by Diamond Books. Diamond Books is known for publishing those books which gets rejected by almost every Indian publisher. And the story that they publish are generally the childish teenage love stories. It's actually not meant for anyone who's above 17 years old. If someone like me is reading it, you can say, I am totally out of my head.

He's smart. He's good looking. He's witty.
His charm attracts girls. 
He's Piyansh Nigam (Piya)
She's intelligent. She's gorgeous. She's humorous. 
Her beauty makes boys propose her. 
She's Ashwinya Murthy (Ash)
Both Sixteen. 10th graders. But don't know each other.
Reason different schools, 
But one day,
Piya sees Ash and falls in love with her at first sight. 
'Love at first sight is Dangerous'
Ash doesn't know Piya existbut if Piya gets Ash, then he would not exist coz she's DON's daughter.

His friends suggested him to find someone else. He knows he's in queue. 
But still Piya wants Ash. He loves her a lot.
'Teen is the age of beginning of emotions and end of innocence'
Will emotions end innocence? Will he woo her? Even if he gets hertheir relationship will survive? Or he'll find someone else? Will he be a ray of light in the dark of her life? Was it love or just another crush?

A lot of questions an unusual pair an unusual story of crush, friendship, love, mistakes, teenage and Oops!

About the Author
Piyush Naik at just 18 has written his debut novel. He has done his schooling from Dyanmata High School, Amravati. And. Has did his Junior college from M.I.T. junior college, Pune. Currently he is preparing to crack the entrance of the brand of Engineering. 

When he was of 10 he heard the line A pen is mightier than a sword and when he turned 15 he decided to use that weapon as his passion. Just the difference was that his weapon was not a pen but was MS word.

       Well, what should I review in this book. Even if I would not have read it, I could have told you what the story comprises of. I don't find any mistake of authors when I read books on the same topic again and again and written almost in the same way. I think there should be a Censor Board kind of a thing which should check what books are out for release and restrict the ones written on the same lines of college/school teenage romance. It's actually enough now. Piyush Naik is 18 years old and I didn't expect anything better from him. At this age, one finds fame and recognition fascinating. Bollywood is a long way and seeing simple novels written all around, one gets a motivational push from conscious mind to write a novel. It happens and gets published. Someone like me who works in this field gets his hand on these books and wastes his few hours on it. 

          I don't want to discourage a young author like him. I was 19 when I started writing blog and I used to get almost the same kind of criticism as this blog post that I am writing for Mr. Piyush. That helped me to improve myself from there. Even now there's a big room for improvement and I am always open for suggestions. I just want Piyush to do the same with the kind of criticism he must be getting from the better critics. I found his narration and language very weak. Even if the same story could have been written in a better language, the book could have been in a totally different shape. The book is not even edited or proof-read, it seems. Practicals is written as particles. Quiet is written as Quite. And so on. There's no twist and turn in the story. As the title suggests, you feel that the book would be full of chases between the protagonist and his girlfriend's father and his men. But the book has nothing to do with its title. Similarly, the protagonist Piyansh is called Piya in the book for most of the times which confuses you if its a girl or a boy. Similarly, there's a character Mamma. Every time I read it, it seemed as if a mother is been referred but alas, even that's not the case. Summarizing, I would say that only the people below 18 years of age should entertain this book else you will be disappointed like me. I give it 1 but for the author gutting to write at the age of 18, I give it .5 more i.e. 1.5/5. 


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