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KRRISH 3: A Perfect Diwali Dhamaka for Hindi viewers!!!

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   Krrish 3 is been watched- one of those movies for which I have waited since 4-5 years, the time I came to know that it's happening. Well, I somewhere don't find it correct that a sequel takes 7 years to be released since the release of its 1st part. I mean life is so short and brilliant directors/producers like Rakesh Roshan, Rajkumar Hirani and Dhoom series' producer, Aditya Chopra takes 7 years to bring out the sequel of their movies. We want to see many movies made by them and just 2 comes out in a decade. Bad! Well, coming back to Krrish series. For me, Koi Mil Gaya shall always remain to be the best movie of the series as the excitement in watching a movie of that kind in 2003 was magical. Now, the Superhero series has become so common that you don't get the excitement that director wants you to have. But Koi Mil Gaya was a treat to watch and even Krrish that came 3 years later. But coming to Krrish 3, well the movie is wonderful and something that looks visibly good but it does not have the freshness and originality that the initial 2 movies had.

             Krrish 3 can be specifically called Rakesh Roshan's movie as it does not have much of what we wanted to see from actors. What Hrithik does as a Krrish is what we have seen him doing in 2006 too. And what he does as an old man with a child's heart is also seen in 2003, a whole decade ago. But the visuals, the scenes, the actions, the progress in the movie, the graphics, the magics- everything that impresses you as an audience is purely work of Rakesh Roshan's imagination. As I am not a Hollywood viewer, I have seen not more than 5 movies from the English world. I have always been a fan of Bollywood and hence this movie tells me that we have taken Bollywood to a level up from where we have been till 30th October, 2013. :-) When I saw Avatar in Hollywood, I wanted to see such characters in my Hindi movies too and seeing those Manaavars created by the villain of the film, Kaal (played by Viveik Oberoi), I was thoroughly impressed and mind blown.
   Comparing this work of a Hindi movie with Hollywood movies is unjustified but it's also a compliment to Krrish 3 that it is so well made that it's compared with those International works. Some South fans of Rajnikanth says that no one can be a better Superhero than what Rajnikanth played in a South movie- Enthiran but let me tell you, this movie is totally different than that masala film. What I liked about Krrish 3 is its emotions embedded in an action packed film. It's not like a mobile game where a Superhero starts killing villain and keeps on going until all of them are dead. This is more about father's love for his son and son's devotion for his father. The relation between Rohit Mehra and Krishna is something that's USP of this movie. Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut, both have almost the same minutes to play in the movie but Kangana Ranaut has acted very well while Priyanka Chopra looks sweet throughout. The only thing for which I shall compliment Priyanka in the movie is whenever she played that bit when they wanted to show Kangana in the face of Priyanka. She walked and talked like Kangana completely. Well, a scene where Kangana's body turns into Priyanka's in a hospital, the way the breast gets bigger is something for which Priyanka's sexy body is always complimented. Haha! Sorry!

  The first experiment on money plant shown by Rohit Mehra creates an excitement to look further into the movie. The first plane scene is a very good idea with which Krrish enters into the movie. Kaal's whole lab looks like totally a different world. Hrithik as Rohit Mehra has done extremely well but still I shall say- Best Actor to Farhan Akhtar for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. :-) The best part is that the whole movie looks like a sequel to Krrish 3 and not like a totally new attempt- the way Dhoom 2 looks totally different from its first part. The time when antidotes explode in Mumbai is also a wonderful bluish experience. Viveik Oberoi has done a fine job. The manaawars created by him are really scary. After intermission, the first scene where Krrish fights with all these manaawars is a very nice action done by the directors. All the logic that are been applied in the story to make us believe in the extra-ordinary scenarios that keeps happening throughout actually looks logical. Because what has been happening in Dabanggs, Singhams, Rowdy Rathores in all these years have been so illogical that we have lost our minds somewhere. This movie actually tells that only a Super Hero can do certain things and not humans. :-) 
    Hrithik looks extremely wonderful in such roles in comparison to his roles in movies like Agneepath where he is made an ordinary Indian guy. You give him Hollywoodish roles only e.g. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Krrish and Krrish 3. Priyanka Chopra does not over act the way she did in Krrish. She has played a very sweet character. Kangana Ranaut has played her part wonderfully but with her upcoming movie- Lajjo, all the efforts will go into waste. Viveik Oberoi gets another 100 crore in the same year after Grand Masti. A good leap. And talking about the God of this movie- Rakesh Roshan- well, now I don't want him to make another Krrish. Now it's time to do something different than a Super heroic movie. And Rajesh Roshan, except Dil tu hi bata and that too only up to some extent, all the other songs that you have made is as bad as any all-time-worst-song in the history of Hindi movies. I will give this movie a 3.75 out of 5. But I recommend it to everyone for a one-time watch at least. At least. 


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When i watch it ! i never thought i was watching a bollywood movie but i thought i was watching a hollywood movie.. :)

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I like the way you described it and would like to see more from you. Krrish 3

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