1 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

The Halloween's Mask!!!

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     The moment I got into freelancing, I understood that I will have to write about the things that I won't even have an idea of after lots of research and analysis. This was some 3 years ago. After initial samples writing that I did, the first topic that I was given to write on was the sales boom during the times of Halloween. I didn't have an idea about what Halloween's Day was. Come on, how can you expect a boy from outskirts of a city know anything except Diwali and Eid on the name of festivals? Haha! And after knowing that 31st October is celebrated as Halloween day, I started getting to read and see this word almost everywhere around me. It even got celebrated in my Graduation after that and I was surprised that the world knew about it except me. Well, living in outskirts seems to be a bad excuse, okay, I am from Mars. Now does that qualifies me for not knowing what Halloween is till 20th year of my life. Unfortunately, I was that dumb. Okay, I'm still. Huh!

             While thinking about this festival today and looking at some pictures that came in newspapers and some online journals, I was thinking about the people who celebrate this festival almost daily. Well, everyone of us for some moment in a day get into a zone where we start celebrating Halloween. Basically, Halloween means disguising yourself in someone else's face that should be scary and crazy. Well, but at least we pretend to be some other person for quite a time. Nobody loves to be called fake or plastic but this truth has to be accepted that we want to hide our own self for a while to remain what we are. Yes, at least for me, this is the reason why I start pretending to not to be me. I get angry when someone tries to tell me to change my passion or start living a life of their kind. For that very reason, in front of few such idiots, I change myself for a while. 

              And you know, the best moment when you get to know how special you are when you actually hide your true self behind the same face with expressions that does not tune with the screams of your honest heart. You miss yourself in those moments. You just want to get alone as soon as possible so that you could be you. You will find yourself deciphering the discomfort within you and suddenly agreeing to everything that you were debating on since a while. Why? Because you just start missing yourself and after some time, you get irritated with the fact that you have to be far away from yourself even when you can lead your life the way you want. Why does it happen at an age or after an incident that few people gets reserved? Because they acknowledge the fact that they have wasted more than half of their lives in being someone else or trying to pretend to be someone else according to the convenience of the people and lost themselves somewhere. They start finding themselves in this isolation and seclusion. 

              The sole reason why someone gets excited when he/she gets someone's diary that he gets an opportunity to know the real face behind the person whom he has been knowing from a long time. And what happens sometime is- the person gets shocked to know that the soul he was knowing from such a long period of time is not the one he thought he is. This is the main reason why there is so much of ups and downs in one's life regarding relationships. Because the real face of the people around him/her comes out at the times of retrieval and pushes. During the failure is the accurate moment when one finds the real faces of people behind the masks that they wear whenever they stood in front of you. And it is the moment when one starts hating the word "Friendship". And because of this moment, one gets closer to a person who helps him/her up to an extent that he realizes that Friendship exists but not in the colorful packets the way he wanted to see till now but it comes very lightly without making any kind of buzz around. 

              All of you may be thinking that Halloween is such an interesting festival yet this guy is talking so low on the same day after claiming that this post is all about Halloween. :-) I think that's the reason why my class of people-"Writers" are called boring because we don't see things the way others see. We always see it from an angle through which we always get to see certain facts or truth about life. :-) Well, A very Happy Halloween's Day to all of you. I would chose to wear a better mask to cover my bad self than to cover myself with something that's more worst than my real face. :-) And also wanted to remind all of you that 10 months of the year has passed. We have only 2 months to fulfill all our resolutions else 2013 will be another loser year for us. Buck up, guys. 



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