3 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Is being a Hindutva Leader crime?

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 Narendra Modi is almost like a trending topic everywhere in India. People may love him, hate him or won't even want to give him any attention but yet they end up discussing him because his life has been one of those which people don't often get to see. Otherwise give me an example where a minister is been accused of honor killing or administering and funding a communal riot and still after 10 years of the event getting selected as one of the candidates for the seat of Prime Minister? Is this possible in today's world where people already see all the ministers in bad light and one like Modi who is in the top list getting so much positive feedback and attention? Well, I would say that not always these people can be called as criminals if seen from a different point of view. Before moving ahead, let me tell you that I am not promoting or talking against anyone. I am just speaking what I think is view of some of the groups which play a big part in elections. And mind you, my voter ID is still not made. :-)

          Everyone talks about the communal mindset of Narendra Modi and how he hates Muslim. People talk about how he sponsored the riot which killed so many from a religion who had to run from the state for their rescue. But why do you start talking about the issue from the point where Modi made his men who believed in Hindutva to attack all from the community and see that no one is left? Why don't you start it from the real origin where a train bogie was locked from outside and burned? The terrorist attacks kept happening but the way this brutal killing happened, it was too shameful to witness and sit back. When hundreds of small Islamic parties come ahead and asks for their right, issue illogical fatwas and make their own rules against what the nation's law and order suggests, then its genuine because they are considered minority in this country where I don't think that they are really a small group anymore. Calling Parsis and Jains a minority is right but Muslims? Are you joking? So when 1000s of Islamic parties can come forward to promote themselves, why can't one Narendra Modi or two- Bal Thackeray fight for Hindutva? What is a crime in doing this? 

            Talking about another perspective of politics but let me begin with an example first. You and your parents are leading a very happy life. You discuss things and there is enough compatibility between all the three members of your house. You get married and now there's a new member in a family- your wife. After some months, you and your wife make a team against your parents and start building your own rules for the house. Then your child grows up and you teach him to follow your rules rather than what your parents made. Finally, a day shall come when your parents will ask you to vacate your house with your own family. And this happens practically. Whenever a group starts forming under a group which is themselves the owner of the place, they shall do every bit possible to throw away this new group out of the horizon. 

             The same is been done by Raj Thackeray continuously when he beats up North Indians and asks them to get back to their own land which is larger than Pakistan in size, also in population. I am also a North Indian and have been victim to this movement of Raj T but tell me- won't he get frustrated that every person in every college, when asked,"Where are you from?" and he replies,"U.P/Bihar se hoon"? I know violence is wrong but isn't the movement something that gives him and his community a satisfaction that places for them are getting reserved? What Raj Thackeray and Bal Thackeray have been doing is specifically for their Marathi manoos and the day when Balasaheb Thackeray expired, the amount of people that got accumulated at Shivaji Park to attend his funeral speaks of the impact that his ideologies have made in people's mind. We, sitting from here, can say that they do nothing for their community but come across when there's a time of gain and profit. 

             Speaking about these events, I just wanted to say that just because Narendra Modi is speaking for Hindus, don't get irritated because there are many small communal parties who are doing every bit to promote and save their community. Similarly, regarding Balasaheb Thackeray and BJP, people talk about the attacks on Babri Masjid in which many Muslims were troubled but no one talks about the history of it- of how a Mandir was in the existence and the whole thing happened. At least when politics is been talked of, try to start discussing the issues from its core rather than treating a person as a criminal or wrong projector. The Sikhs have seen so much because of Congress's decisions in the past but still people will talk about how Rajiv Gandhi was killed pitilessly. Come on! Everything has a spark which ignites it into fire. I am not against any party, community nor am I supporting anyone. But because I was baffled to see people's reaction for Modi calling him Hindutva leader again and again as even being it is also a crime that I removed all my frustration in this post.



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Vijay Rajput said...

I agree with your all points, i Know its your personal opinion. But I don't agree with a particular paragraph of your post about North Indians bashed by Raj thackeray and his party members. He is just violating the fundamental rights of Indian. he doesn't have a right of violating others right. it's hooliganism, nothing else and he should be condemn for his acts. Every Indian is under his fundamental rights can go,stay and study in any part of India. No one has stopped Marathi Manoos to spread across the country(except Kashmir which has its own complications).

When it comes to talk about Narendra Modi, every one is attacking him for the acts of 2002. I am not a big fan of Modi but in current economical and political situation, We Indians need a leader who can lead from front like Dhoni does for team India. Modi has the capability of doing the same but now need to focus on whole country. As a PM candidate of NDA, now his responsibility for whole country . He has to stop blabbing about what I done in Gujrat and how Gujratis are growing and prospering under his regime. He has to come with a vision that how he is going to take India out of current quagmire. A lot of Indians hope are associated with his actions and talks.

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