30 November 2013 | By: Writing Buddha


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          It has been a long time since I have been thinking of doing something for students, specifically, students. I have never been an academic student and hence, I have continuous failed in helping any of my classmates, friends or any person who needed help when it came to studies. But as soon as I entered MCA 2nd year, I thought that being a student, helping student and knowing their nerves would be much easier than being an employee of a company and then trying to be a helping medium to students. Since then my mind started working as faster as possible and I came up with a result some 3-4 weeks ago. I didn't want people to judge me for it hence I didn't disclose it to anyone that I am doing something for my own batch-mates of MCA Semester 3. I wanted to at least execute some part of my dream, a new dream, and then come up with the name of its initial executor. 

            I opened a new blog named "Last Minute Study" and started uploading the important questions that has been coming up years after years in Mumbai University's papers. I then started providing notes some 2 weeks ago. Pupils, with a hope of getting help, started joining the venture and now, I am 520 members strong. I am sure that with time I am going to help much more students than what I have myself estimated at the moment. This semester, it took a lot of time in thinking and planning about how I have to take this forward but from next semester, it's going to be a big task for me to study before anyone and upload notes so that students can find help in the LAST MINUTE STUDY notes that I am providing on the blog site- www.lastminutestudy.blogspot.in. I asked my dear friend- SUNILL KAUSHIK who is a great designer to design a logo for me and he did. I have shared it above with all of you. Need everyone's blessing for something that I never thought I would be the initiator. :-) 



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Khushboo said...

Love the concept of your blog. Very useful for students like me. BTW which subjects does it cover?

P.S. I am hosting a giveaway with some amazing prizes on my blog http://munniofalltrades.blogspot.in/2013/11/a-fantabulously-fantastic-giveaway.html. Hope you participate!

Gopal Joshi said...

Dude, you are the one. I think we share something in common. You are giving back to the world. All the best for your new venture. I would like to meet u once, or atleast get in touch with you through Social Networking. Good work. I haven't used your website till now, but heard a lot about it from friends. I am starting to use it today for my PNS studies. I hope to see something useful there. :)

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