15 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

The Way I Sharped My Knife !!!

             111TH BLOG -->>

              Yesterday when I wrote about my success story...There were some who felt like it was impossibility which has deposited in my life with that power which cant be freezed even by a huge defence on its way...Even I cant believe that its me doing so good from last 1 year....But I know my efforts...The way I have managed the days of 24 hours as they were of 36 hours...Worked day and night...Didnt slept for 50 hours continuously...Kept waking incessantly...I know that dreams and futures which were flowing all over in my nerves at 500 times of the speed of the blood...These all was achieved just bcoz there was a will to show the people who under-estimated me that I cant be always a LACKADAISICAL...for this I changed my modus operandi...The days used to be very noisy...filled up with chaos and cries of small children...the noise of DJ systems and different Bands playing up for the marriage ceremonies around as there were many Halls available at rent in my area...there were brawls and oral fights in the people around...I was at the first level itself annoyed with my results and failures in the recent history at that time comtemporarily...But then too in that pressure I deciphered out that concentration is intrinsic at this stage now...

            Then I made my days to be passed out in the writing works...and my nights for the learning and mind-feeding activities....night 11 was the start of filling my bowl with the bunch of wisdoms....and used to end up at morning 8o clock and sometimes wouldnt stop till evening 5 o clock...Eyes used to go red in colour...Body used to give a sweat out from within...but then too I used to recuperate from the exhaustion and used to go and go and go...Sometimes Mummy too used to get horrified watching me working non-stop...But a will to slap many via my 12th result was the target and the STG (Short term goal)...I wanted to reach the NLG (Next Level Of Greatness)..With all this effort ...With all that pain...I passed my 12th std...and after that now Im getting the friuts of it till today...Hope my form doesnt goes down as the days of success are increasing...Would try to maintain it ..aggravate it..till my last breathe...Else is the wish of God...whether I will be annihilated or accelerated...

           Thanks for reading this little information of how I recovered from my dung position to this luxury position..and forgive me for some mistakes I do while writing blogs..like yester day I wrote HERE at the place of HEAR....so plz take all this into consideration and understand the writings....Thanks....


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W!LSH!RE said...

You sure are an inspiration brother! Seriously!
I really didn't know you had put in that much effort! I dont think you're exaggerating your story. You indeed have put in a lot of effort and I wish you keep it up.
And typing errors are fine as long as people understand it! What you should be bothered about is bad grammar, which you don't have! So no worries!

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