25 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Experience Of A Rock-Show In My College !!!

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       Yesterday I went to my college in the evening..This was the first time when I saw how my college looks in the dark..The reason for going at such a danger and jeopardized place was to attend the huge concert arranged by my college..There were solo performances...Group dancing at the first and then there was interval of some 1 to 2 hours...Audience went bored and thought of running..But then the announcement that Rock Bands are coming in few minutes...This helped them to make people clinged on to their seats..Im too very fond of music and disastrous music so I too kept waiting up for the rockstars...They came in few minutes in the long hair..French cuts...Guitars in their hands...Drums in the centre of the stage...5 of them stood and they were no poppocock...They had sense...Every rockstar is rapacious for the audiences and screams...and praises...applauses...But here in my college..People were so less that it felt like everyone has went up to visit Mars and Moon...I had only 3 people with me from my class..It felt like I was sitting on the horse on my day of wedding without any Baratis...But I didn't felt lonely as there were anonymous personalities around me who were also curious for the rock band show exorbitantly..

             Then after few minutes they came..And shouted...Are you all ready to suffer the vibrations? I shouted with my best volume..YESSSSSSSS....and he replied rhapsodizedly.."Here this goes then..The Hindi Track.." and then they began....Emotional Attyachar in their self composed tune...ANd the vibrations from guitar was limpid....So clear...and so palpable..that people got emotionally attached with the performers...It was so interesting show..I danced with all my strengths..It was almost two years back when I attended such a show...That time it was with exoteric performers..Sukhbir Singh-The Prince Of Bhangda..and Atif Aslam..Pakistani Talent...But more famous in our India...And this was the second time...I was attending...And then as soon as the rock band ended up with their modish plays..There was Fashion Show...Wow...The way boys and girls walked the ramp...Was like every girl coming to propose me or seduce me..and it was me watching as I was the chief guest of the show and this all is done for me..At last when the female show-stopper came on the ramp with her sexy eyes calling all the boys...I felt like I was John Abraham and felt like approaching her..Then came to the conclusion that..Im John Abraham for myself..For this beautiful girl I would be like Tushar Kapoor...Gayab in the whole movie...In this world of glamour..Middle-classes Boys and Girls have no place..They are like nonentity..

               Hope sometime In my college in the future..I will walk the ramp...atlast however bad worst I am..I m Mr.Fresher finally...One day It was for me..When everyone screamed up ONCE MORE for me...Why should I feel so insulted and insolented...Even I was a Star for an evening...Hope I'll rock the stage once more in my life....HOPE HOPE HOPE !!!!!


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