18 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Best Weekend !!!

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        After getting molested up in college for 5 days regularly , we all think to recover back on the weekends..the holiday we get for the two days Saturday and Sunday...But neither its upon you to make it or waste it....But its a situation where there can be many things to be charted up..meeting and nexus with your girlfriend..Hang out with your friends or study..Now in the 1st option..Im lacking a girl friend...The girlfriend I had is still in love with me but the thing is that taking her anywhere means spending money on her...It feels like Im the biggest fool to live myself in misery to give her all the luxury of the life and that too for what? For something which she gives me without investing money...And then when you do that..They hurl out the words that you dont love me but you love my body so you are up with me..Can anybody out there can help me understand whats difference between a Girl and a Girl's body?? Then the second option is to hang-out with friends..Thats so hard for me as Im kanjoos and some of my friends like Shahid are so kanjoos that when a beggar comes and ask for rupees ..Then too he asks the friend standing besides him to give 1 rs to the beggar from his side and he will return it tomorrow..and I dont understand that it takes 24hours for tomorrow to come but for this kind of boys..Tomorrow dont even come after a millennium...And the 3rd option is to Study..Now this is something like buying BMW in 10,000 rs...Not having that much brain to study and trying to do this experiment..I just hate opening books at this time of relaxation when your new session has just begun and you dont have any prior work to do...

               My this weekend went more than what I expected as on Saturday my childhood's best friend...Even today he is...came to my house to live up till Monday Morning...We shared good moments....Good talks.... He too shared his hands in the business Im doing now-a-days..I have just started with a business and He too keeping trust and faith on me..jumped in the well to dug it up to find Oil many kilometres beneath..If not that we will come out in the loss...But in that case theres a big loss..But in my business there's no loss..There are only two options...Either to gain profit or to gain your investment back..There's no LOSS...In 400 rs theres a total chance to earn 28000 INR in one year...Its mininum...Im just enjoying this plan and business...Trying to be more rich than Ambani's..He toh came with a cycle..Im toh better than him..So I have full chances for KAR LO DUNIYA MUTTHI ME..Uff...Tomorrow morning a new start...A new week of college..Now there will be practise session for the college's fest and for the sports...Everyone practise in my college as everyone is better than Sachin Tendulkar and dance practises are on as Michael Jackson has given birth to all of them..Uff..What an over-acting...But I live up with all this people just thinking of myself as one of the editor of Bigg Boss..who has nothing to do with the politics in the house..He is out of the house and just have to develop a video of 1 hour so that it can be judged out Who is Positive and who is negative..Thats what I do and write out my judgements on ARB...

                 So Tomorrow Rohit will be leaving...I'll leaving for the college....and thus the friend will go away...Bidaai Bidaai....uff...Sorry I'll not sing otherwise there will be many who will come to suggest Dostana's song..Chalo bye...Keep Following me on attayachat twitter.. www.twitter.com/abhilashruhela ...


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