21 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Back In College Looks !!!

            115TH BLOG-->>

         Thanks to all of them who laughed on my yesterday's blog and said me personally that they loved my punches...and for the others who didnt felt like laughing on some sentences..I think that either Im a bad writer or you are a bad observer..Eeeehhhh...Whom am I talking to?? Nobody bcoz I know everyone of you have enjoyed my blog...81 rs..Haay haay...Koi to Bachaay mujhe...FInally this issue is a past now...Have to be alert in future..Nazar Hati Durghatna Ghati..You all would have read an intransigent news that DEEMED UNIVERSITIES are going to be terminated..This news bought a feel of 2012 in me and all the thoughts of my future getting buried into the earth started rotating around my mind like AVATAR's 3D version..and the sounds of disaster and negligence of interviewers was also heard in the dolby digital quality same as of Slumdog's Jai Ho...My college is a Deemed University..Bharati Vidyapeeth...After some hours came a news that my college is safe...Uff..Wow...I felt like Black and White Mother India turned into a colored Movie..But now everything is fine from this side..

               My college has new rules now-a-days..We all follow it even when it is uncompromosing and intransigent..The way they are authorizing us is like our parents are fake and these are the real ones who have given us birth in the government hospital which didnt provided them with the good facilities because of which they are taking revenge from us..The rules are so non-mellifluous that I feel like digging a small part of earth and put my head in it for few hours till the time people take me as a psycho and put me in a paagalkhaana rather than a college of this type which is not less than a boarding school..They say us to be CLEAN-SHAVED...WITH FORMAL SHOES..WITH PROPER HAIR CUTS AND A PROPER HAIR STYLE..IDENTITY CARD ALWAYS HANGING FROM OUR NECK SAME AS THE WATER-BOTTLES FROM NURSERY STUDENTS...It feels like Britishers are back...but It again feels like we have to be a Gandhi to drive all this whites out of the nation..We paid them our fees of 50,000 INR per annum..We have the right to rule them but this happening vice-versa..So finally I bought my formal wear today from market..It felt like I was a girl..somebody intimated me that tomorrow I'll be raped..So I kept condoms before the attack with me to pass it on to the rapers...that do it lighter...My GOD...after coming from village..What kind of thoughts have conquered my imaginations...Hope they will go out..But I want them to be with me bcoz it adds something to my sense of humour...Everyday teachers used to catch me for wrong shoes..Tomorrow I'll be catching them bcoz I'll be in the right form...A true Bharati Vidyapeethian...According to them..

               Hope that college manumits us...that means give freedom to us...but I know..this is impossible...as they all are the new versions of Adolf Hitler..Again its 2 in the night..and at this time of night..Blue film watchers rock the show..Im not from them but at this time I dont know why I feel my pillow as a girl...and unfortunately or luckily there are 4 pillows on my bed...and a single blanket..What an Emotional Attyachaar..Chalo bye..and Ill be replying to your comments on my blog personally on orkut or in email...bcoz I cant open up my blog on my PC bcoz of Virus...Damn Virus..


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Anonymous said...

hey....cant imagine u in a formal outfit....and interesting thoughts abt the pillow..hehe

Writing Buddha said...

hey anony mous thanks for reading the post which has gone so far behind.but who r u? plz name yourself..

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