26 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Announcement of Fest !!!

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            Now finally today the notice board of my college got charmed up with the schedule of my Fest....College life is something where you get the chance to show up whats within you...If you hide yourself from public and crowd and stop being extra-ordinary and extravagant..then you will be an underdog for whole of your life..This is the time when you get the chance to moot up your confidence..Ifr not today then you will have to suffer a lot when you are at the term of period when you have to earn bucks..So its better to utilize the training given up in the college..so that in future..you just have to implement them..You will not have to struggle to develop them..This is the same reason why Im participating in all my college functions..Why I went up to Fresher party..Even when the whole of my class were against interaction with me..I went up there..Sat lonely at a corner..and felt like Im a dog..who has been kicked out of the owner's house for some unusual act..But the confidence of getting the prize ..tagging it with my name was the only dream running at that time beneath me..It wasn't like If I would ahve lost I would have lost all the spirits of my life..But I won it..and it gathered more courage in me.and more will-power to perform more activities which aren't still in my thoughts to list them up in my To-Do's....

           Now Fest has arrived..Which is been named ZEAL ..I dont know the founder of this name..But I do know the motive behind these functions..Its just to develop our personality..To aggrevate our level..and reach at NLG-Next Level Of Greatness...There are different competitions on different days..Fest is for one week- 1st Feb,2010 to 6th Feb,2010..There will be different boosters like Rose Day, Chocolate Day, Traditional Day, Tie/Saree Day and I cant recall more..There will be again different competitions like Story Telling..Singing..and many more...and the final event will be on 11th Feb,2010...Atleast Im happy that my college is giving students the chance to show up the talents here on these days..I'll try to do as much as I can erupt from within me...But I dont hope for any success here in this because I'm not so much of glamorous to do make-ups and all..But I can try..Lost then Lost..I will not be a permanent failure naa..So whats the Fear...Teer Nishaaney Pe Lagaa Toh Theek..Nahi Laga Toh Aur Maukey Aayengey...Children of my class are saying me to dance on 11th Feb..The Final Event...I'm afraid of losing my conscious on the stage..So I'm refusing...I want to do..I want to perform..But the confidence of handling the stage is dithering me...I'm not such a dancer who came remember steps like 1..2..3.. 1..2..3.. I spontaneously create steps while I perform finally..So Its very hard to dance without preparation...And that too at the stage where the whole of my college will be audiences...I can't...But I Hope that I'll say YES positively...and will create history...But at this moment...Its Impossible...

           Chalo Thanks for reading this...and friends sorry as I'm not regular on blog..Its bcoz of Virus-Attack on my Laptop..Otherwise I dont want to leave you all even for a second...Try to understand..


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