16 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Father's Refusal and Mission Revamp !!!

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        Apologizes to all of them who commented on my writings..Im unable to revert back..I know this is annoyable to all of you but what can I do..This laptop is not officially mines..Its of my father...I can't do anything without his permissions..His laptop consists of Virus and I have suggested him for the lot of times to format his laptop and thus we can be safe of all this problems which we face on our laptop while surfing internet...But it is said naa that Every generation thinks of the next generation as fool and brainless..Same is the condition here..He reacts to my suggestions as People ignore the beggars on railway platforms...It feels insolent for many a times but then I think of that boys who propose girls contiguously and dont get a favourable reply..When they dont loose their attitude and will why should I loose...I keep on poking my father..Thats different thing that he behaves as a government officer who doen't listen to anything and charge you the fine for you being late while submitting your file or documents..

             I have participated for Carrom and Cricket in my college sports..Expecting a WIN in Carrom..because I have previously bagged two medals for this game...Cricket for me is like Akon's song for a villager..But then too I'm taking part just to show everyone that how the whole team looses the match because of one unexperienced player...I know after the match , my batchmates will demur against me..But then too Im ready to walk on the thorns...Who is afraid of acerbic and sarcastic words and approach..Father has abused so many times .. If batchmates will give some of that bad words...What will they take from me?? Arya and me are in an Adventure..The name of our adventure is MISSION REVAMP..We are somewhat successful till now ...Just a pinch of salt which makes a poor dish ..tasty..just this much is the effort we have to put in our plan..Hope there is salt in our can..our we will be f*ck*d..Who cares? Baby is gonna perform toilet activities...If on you then with the huggies you have to bath yourself..and if not on you then too you have to wash huggies and child..So in the same way ,We are gonna trapped in the adventure..Will be writing about this when It will be over...

             Thans for your positive approach towards ARB- Abhilash Ruhela Blog..


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