20 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My Expenditures More Than My Pocket-Money !!!

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       Today morning when I opened my eyes...Saw my production house-my dad infront of me..surprised to see at home at that time when I expected my house to be human-free as mother too planned to move somewhere in the morning..He said me to march off to Vashi..Went up there..Met Rexy, Abhinav and Saumya..at Vashi Railway Station..Then we in the combination of four buddies of Mumbai's modern boys entered the address of the spot potrayed up by my father..Loved the IT sector building there..Imagined myself entering the same building with my professional looks..and then also thought of sweeping its slippery floors..and tiles...If I dont get the degree...I dont know why there are tremendous types of thoughts and imaginations in my mind incessantly as soon as I see something unusual and non-happenings..

          After that we marched off towards Inorbit Mall In Vashi ... But then saw these trio entering the KFC Restaurant which serves you with non-veg foods..I got an intimation from a miser and kanjoos Abhilash beneath me that This is a Dangerous and Peril moment...I didn't had idea of anything what to order and How costly it is but I had that sense ki it would be of the price which may tremble and dither my pocket money and saving..Rexy took me up there at the order table..Finally ordered a chicken dish with pepsi of 81 rs...I felt like I'll suffer with heart-attack in few minutes..bcoz the price was something in which my parents bring the whole 1kg of chicken...Then as soon as I saw the dish on my table..Oh My GOd..6 small pieces of chicken..3 of Abhinav and remaining 3 of mines..Every piece was of 25 rupees approx..It was a terrifying moment to eat a chicken piece rating up to 25 rs each..I felt like I want eating chicken pieces..I felt like I was eating Obama's poultry's special chicken...Because of the lack of changes...I had to give a 100rupees note..And didnt got anything back as Abhinav and Saumya managed their dishes in my balance itself..At that moment I felt like I was purchased like an IPL player today in 19 rs...

            I receive 500 rupees a month...rs.100 flatly goes into talktime and to Aircel's chairmen's pocket..another 100 goes in Pocket Internet of Aircel... Left amount is rs. 300..that means 10 rs / day ..Which is equivalent to a Samosa-pav or Kachodi daily..And Im eating a chicken of 100 rs ...I havent calculated travelling allowances of Panvel to Vashi and return..Bcoz If Ill add this..I'll start weeping now..So a person like me who is a stoic..is spending money vengeantly like I'm the son of a traffic policemen who has unlimited balance at home bcoz of his vasooli..See now many of you will say that Im kanjoos..or Im poor..No friends its not like this..I m been payed 500 a month which is a lot for me..I should learn adjusting and saving..So this is the last time I have enjoyed the pleasure of Vashi..and mall..Now I'll see to this place after the calendar strikes 1st February..Plans of watching Avatar has been postponed by me currently..just because I have lost more than I should have wasted..I should learn to be Poor..I should learn to say NO to Vashi Malls now for some days...God save me...and give me the power to say NO to my friends...


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W!LSH!RE said...

Oh dude! You're crying after spending 81 bucks?!
Yeah, i understand how it feels to splurge when you're actually broke! You cant help it if friends want a treat from you and you cant give it! People will find any reason to ask for a treat! I'm a veteran! I'd recommend you not to eat kachori and other stuff daily. Once a week is fine. I always refrain from unnecessary spending. Not that I'm health concious but I only pamper myself when I feel the urge. But then I blow a lot of money. But you should not cry over money coz' as they say, paisa toh haatho ki mail hai. Unfortunately it isn't true. It will only make you sad to know that other people enjoy themselves without the guilt Unlike us!
Here's a tip: Always show that you're broke when you're with your friends. Trust me, it helps!

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