11 January 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Experience Of Village and Waiting For Tomorrow !!!

            108TH BLOG -->>

        At last Im back from my village my hometown Kanpur and Gorakhpur...Wonderful experience...Living in jungle....actually near jungle....and experiencing and observing some facts and new visuals were really remarkable and unforgettable...Got many things ...To learn...To remember.. To share.. To memorize.. To be happy.. but also with drawbacks.. Some moments which Hurts...Some sentences and some activities of relatives which showed that I wasnt upto that level to get respect as other got of my level...Will be revealing it in blogs going to be written henceforth....But it was really hard to act...ACT ??? Yes dearies...I acted a lot there....Acted as Im the most innocent boy of this generation...Acted as Im the one who dont know about the opposite gender Female...Acted as I dont know whats difference between Boys and Girls...Acted as I dont know whats Sex...Acted as I dont know anything except Books and Studies...Acted as Im fulfilled with whatever I have...I dont need more....Uff...Sometimes I used to feel that Im living in a Bigg Boss house and following the rules to be in a new disguise coz my real face and character has no permissions to participate in the show...Experience of living in village was tremendous..outstanding..but experience of observing girls and noticing them was the first I did there...No girl was satisfactory...Bhojpuri tones out of their rough tongue still urge aches to my ears...Experience with Nana and Nani was awesome...WIll never be wiped out...as Its fixed in the account of my heart .....Dadi too showed her courtesy affection love and loving attitude towards me...A kiss from her was the one I'll never forget...This comes only when someone loves you by heart...but again I have doubts whether she loves me or not and the others who were also in their disguise infront of me really loved me or not..Will be sharing this hurting moments too here on ARB - Abhilash Ruhela Blog...

               Tomorrow 11th of January...Second session of my college is going to be launched....2009 has been a wonderful year to me as I only experienced 99.99% of success in my life...Most of it came from my First session of college 3rd August-23rd November...so awaiting for this session to start...Hope groupism which is the corossal part of my classroom from last many months ends up..Everybody gather up together...UNITY develops....Hope the sick people suffering Fits and other diseases turns into a healthy person...Hope college stops giving surprises which us the pupils dont want as it doesnt create enthusiasm in our blood...it only awakens that cells in our mind which remember all the abuses...Hope teachers stops dividing students according to their personal relationships with them...Hope some of the girls who are interested in building her list of brothers open up their mind and stop doing this politics..and rather concentrate on developing their loose character...Hope everything changes as there is a new hope and a new start of life in a new year..in a new session...in a new acceleration of the life...Dont want to say this in rhapsodization but then too I would like to commit that I have a fear of the result of SEMESTER 1 which I gave with whole of my empty brain which was never used to learn and cope up the course and its pristine even today and it was then too comtemporarily...Tomorrow is the first day of the college...excited to meet my Panvel Dude Gang..and other guys...and some girls....Hope they would have worked on their physical beauty in these many days in vacation...hope they would have developed their pulchritude...

              Thanks for reading my 108th blog after the gap of some 40 days or something....but now will try to be regular....But I should pass with good honors otherwise I will have to hide my face which will turn into the view of front angle of ass..



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