3 December 2009 | By: Writing Buddha

Last Blog Of This Year - 2009 !!!

            107TH BLOG -->>

        Hope you all would have erudited something from yesterday's blog..Today I woke up at 7 o clock in morning and marked my presence at the queue which was standing for Tatkal tickets @ Pavel station..I stood finally I got the ticket for my native place of 3rd..Thats tomorrow...I also booked my return ticket for 8th January,2010..So friends, I'm sadly , announcing  that I will not be here to blog and share my heart and soul with all of you right from tomorrow..I'll be back after 36 days..Hope all of you will co-operate and will not fragile..I dont want to solace and dissappointment anyone..Exuding this information infront of all of you is really a hard task for me to do but still Im doing it because I dont want all of you to wait for my next blog post every 24 hours..because I'm not here..Am marching towards my native place where there's no COMPUTER, no NETWORK CONNECTION except BSNL..no ELECTRICITY except 2 hours a day..city is 10 kilometres away from the village where my Nana and Nani lives...I haven't seen my grandparents from last 3 and a half years..So its really a craze and excitement to meet them..But again there is a fear of being getting frustrated there without theres no source of my addicts..in which Im runnig now a days..

                 Writing blogs has been a routine...Now even I do t know that what will I do there..How will I sleep without writing blogs out there? How will I live there without watching the face of Computer and Laptop and Keyboard?...Mind will be bifurcated ...One will be with the family out there...and the second will run about what comments I would have received on my blogs..What mails I would have received in my Mailbox..Who would have scrapped me?..These thoughts will never escapade from the brain as its now the colossal part of my mind...and my life...I'm also so much addicted and touched with Mumbai that now living this city and directly going to such a rural area is indicating me the future where I will be over - reacting to the situations..Hope that I dont turn into Anger, Retaliation and fury because It will insecure the feelings and livings of my family out there...Dont want to cause woe to anyone..Dont want to dither anyone..I'm looking forward for this trip as there has been a long time when I havent travelled continuously for such a long continuous hours..Approximately The journey will be of 33 Hours..I'll enjoy the nature and the earth as after watching 2012..I'm in great love with my Earth and respect it very much but One fear is still nudging the mind that North India is running into the extreme winter...So I will have to cover all my body with 4 to 5 sweaters..Monkey cap..Socks...Gloves...and many more exuberance practices will be done to avoid the coldness...Human body is very delight and cant combat with the seasonal change..So without being aggressive with it..We should lay down...and let it win...rather than claiming our presence over it...

                 As I'll return to my online activities and blogging on 8th January-2010, This is the last blog of this year 2009...Feeling very emotional at this point to write the last blog of the year..and that too when I want to write more..Share more..tell more..but the conditions are not amicable and friendly..Hope you all will not miss the blogs and will continue reading my blogs which I wrote previously..So the first season of blogging ends here...Hope all of you have enjoyed the first season of Blogging...Thanks for making the blog exoteric..There are few who are emotionally attached with my blogs..For them..I'm really feeling sad...But there's no other alternative rather than cancelling the program of meeting my Nana-Nani..But this can't be scheduled now coz meeting them right now is the biggest short-term goal...And for publishing everyone's comment on the blog..I have removed Moderation and Approval from me...So now your comments will be directly published on the blog..So dont wait to comment till 8th January....Leaving you all now with the heart sunk into sorrow..and throat filled with feel of cries and weeps...Will meet you all after 36 days on 8th January 2010...At this very place..Till Then...Muaah...Take care.....Live the last month of the year..and blast a good launch of new year 2010... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU....


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