31 October 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

My Mind is My Mind.. None of Mind's Mind! Mind You!

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Clutter... That is what our mind is if we have not unlocked the limitlessness of the human potential, right? Most of our time goes just like that where we are not aware of what we were thinking and for how long. There might be 100 things going in front of you or your hands must be itself moving and doing some task but once you break out of your random thoughts do you realize that you were not with yourself. What a disability this is, isn’t it? We are the best made living being on this planet and still we find ourselves lost almost once in every hour that we pass through the day. And this I am talking when we are not in stressful condition but in the state of calmness. You and I are aware of what happens to us when a stressful situation arrives. We lose our patience and mind for arriving at a conclusion in the time which is far more than what it could have actually taken. But we never realize because we always live in a false assumption that whatever we are doing as per our mind’s capability is the best. We never think that our mind is capable of better things, but we are not unleashing it fully.

Everyone should try to come out of the shackles that keeps us in bondage for years. And most of this sits in our mind as that’s the only part of the body which we do not keep in our control but unfortunately, stay comfortably in its control. I am not saying that mind always works against our potentials, but it is the most casual guy in this world which does not put any effort until and unless you push it to work for you. Have you seen yourself concentrating fully when someone asks you something which you know you would be able to answer by extracting the answer from your database by closing your eyes, pressing your forehead with your thumb and index finger? Yes? Yes! That means somewhere you know that you can achieve the power over mind and make it work fully by applying your whole concentration over it and pressurize it to give you the results within specified time as needed by you.

It is just this realization that mind has all the answers and I do not know the language that is needed to impress mind and bring it in my control that can bring the whole change. We always underestimate ourselves and never get into a task or goal considering that it is not of our type or claiming that it is out of our reach. It is only when we decide completely that by hook or by crook, I have to learn the art and deliver results through my performances using the science of that art that we start achieving the so-called impossibilities of our life. That’s the reason why many overweight people get a perfect athletic body, few dumb students end up creating something unique, many non-performers in the job end up winning star-performer awards etc.

It is always our mind that speaks to us and proves that we are not capable of some activities. Only when we control our mind and tell it that this is in my reach that we can achieve it. When you see a difficult subject as a student, the first impression that your mind gives you is that you will fail in it. But the moment you conquer it with full dedication and perseverance that I’ll pass this subject that you even end up scoring 1st class marks in that subject. Similarly, in job, when you see new tools used by someone else in a new workplace that your mind starts telling you that your days are very less in this organization as you are not capable of all this happening around you. It is only after some days when you have seen the process around you that you tell your mind this is in my reach and has nothing tough that cannot be learned.

This is how the creation of aeroplanes, computers, electronic inventions, medical sciences etc. has been possible in this world where a person conquered his mind and told it to stop figuring things for him and hear what he is telling about his potential. But to do this, you do not have to work against mind but work with it, for it and on it. You have to not challenge your mind and kill it but very politely, rub it with your hands, pamper it and convey that you are special for me and I need you in my mission so please be and stay with me in the thoughtful times and think whatever I want to think with you rather than thinking something which is extremely not related to our priorities. And this companionship with mind comes after you start observing how your mind thinks and when and what it thinks. When you are able to figure out its behaviour is when you are also able to figure out how to control your mind and make it your partner in crime rather than allowing it to do criminal stuffs with you.

Breathing slowly and deeply with concentration on the breathing process brings you closer to your mind. Talking less and saving energy and then utilizing the same on the work that brings you closer in achieving your mission is when you empower the mind. Keeping your eyes closed and looking within you without letting your focus go on what is happening outside of your body is what makes mind understand that you are able to have conversation with it rather than always getting distracted with external factors. Hence, start winning freedom from the bonds of existence by perseverance, self-exertion and insight with silence and concentration. Your mind can be your best friend and biggest enemy- both. It’s upon you how you want it to work for you.

So, what have you decided about how are you going to work with your mind? Please do let me know..



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