29 October 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Soundless Celebration & Silent Joy!!!

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Disclaimer: This post is only for introverts. Extroverts might find this post as a different planet altogether.

Since childhood I have seen people shouting and screaming in celebrations or at least being very expressive when it came to letting people know about how happy they are with the small or big achievement that they just witnessed and experienced. I am not saying that it’s bad to express your happiness and excitement, but I have never been able to. It maybe the fear of losing in the very next moment. The way we see in a Cricket match where the team almost celebrates a wicket and later comes to know after third umpire’s decision that the batsman is safe. What meaning does such short-lived celebrations have? Simply nothing. It’s void. It becomes a sinking and embarrassing feeling later. I have known people not coming out in public because of the situations where they had already celebrated something which later turned into failure and now they just do not want to meet people as they don’t know how to handle the reality in public now. Therefore, I have always preferred soundless celebrations and silent joy.

I like watching others celebrate their success emotionally high but when it comes to me I prefer being silent and yet being celebratory and ecstatic all within me. I have always tried watching the moment when the batsman reaches their century in expectation of watching some high-blood celebrations on the field. I love such people because I just can’t jump and show the excitement myself. Even if you will come tomorrow and tell me that I have become the most intellectual, famous and richest person of the world, I might not shout and scream in joy and go nuts. I would silently grasp the truth and dance in my mind. For me, the imaginations would be the only thing that would be running in my head and in front of my eyes where I would be hanging on the clouds and watching the world below me move slowly. My whole celebration happens in such an order that only I would know that I have achieved another milestone whereas people around me might keep thinking if I have lost a game. People are unable to understand why Dhoni never celebrates, I think I know the reason as I believe we are made of the same ingredients when it comes to celebrating success and achievements.

When we mature and find ourselves among people who are just wanting to kill us as soon as we achieve something against them, we automatically become little conservative in our expressions. I see it in my office the soundless celebrations whenever a developer gives a bugless release, whenever a QA finds an issue which no one has been able to, whenever a team member is able to bring onto the table something which benefits all and everyone appreciates the contribution. Here, people are doubtful if others would join their celebration and hence they silently celebrate it on their desk, but their shining face, sparkling eyes and passionate body language says it all. Whenever as an Analyst, I solve a team’s query by myself or handle client in a manner that even I wasn’t sure about, it’s a small success but there’s a celebration. In these cases, everyone knows that it is a miniscule thing to even think twice about for others but in their mind and soul, they know that this small achievement is what is going to accumulate with other such achievements and provide them success after years. Hence, such small achievements become considerable for that soul if not for others, but a silent celebration is all this life deserves in such moment.

Hence, I would ask all of you in case you do not like expressing much, celebrate, but celebrate within the limitations of your body without jumping and crushing others around. I am a fearful guy who fears next moment hence I do not get carried away in the moment but still, I am aware about the importance of celebrating small upgradations in my life. I am a person who regularly writes personal journals and diary hence every small achievement of mine gets noted in it which is then referenced in another late entry where because of that small step, I landed up having something better and worthy which would not have been possible without that tiny step. Hence, soundless celebrations and silent joy will always remain to be one of the most important aspects of my life and personality.

Please do let me know what your idea of celebration is. 



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