28 October 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Fanney Khan: One of the weakest scripts ever! **

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When I had seen the trailer of Fanney Khan for the first time after knowing since months about its extremely good star cast line-up, I still had believed that the movie shall atleast end up being above average if not good or excellent. I am shocked after watching that an actress like Aishwarya Rai who have worked in Hollywood, Anil Kapoor who has been on stage of Oscars for a movie in which he was almost a lead actor, Rajkumar Rao who is the most critically acclaimed actor of our times and Divya Dutta who comes with so much of experience behind her could not give a movie a life it deserves and viewers an experience that they crave for.

Fanney Khan is a movie about a father who had been unable to fulfill his own dream of becoming a famous singer but wants to do everything for his teenage daughter to ensure she becomes a singing superstar. This daughter is always irritated with the intervention of her father in her life and never considers him and his efforts commendable enough to give him even a minute of her life to share few good words and conversation with him. The mother in the story is a typical mother who loves her daughter and gets the same love back. The daughter is fan of the singing heartthrob of the nation, Baby Singh, who is incidentally kidnapped by her father and in ransom, he asks for his daughter’s recording. And from here, starts the main plot of the movie after which the movie starts falling and ends on a weaker note compared to its first half.

The dialogues in the movie are very weak and there is none which gets into your mood or mind which is unforgettable and stays with you for lifetime. A movie that talks about music has not even a single song which is enough melodious to become part of your playlist or gives the movie a level up. The plot is synonymous to a daily-soaps’ screenplay which speaks of nothing great and only ends up showing silly incidents and revelations back to back. I was disappointed seeing the pre-climax and climax. It is so weak and childish that I do not know if writer even thought about something while writing or just scribbled whatever came into their mind in the first thought while writing. Overall, Fanney Khan is irritating even though it tries talking about topics such as fat-shaming, teenagers’ attitude towards middle-class parents, perception of people towards glamorous and famous women etc. I give this one just 2 stars out of 5.



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