3 October 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Dhadak:- An Okay-ish One-Time Watch! **½

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If you have watched Sairat and had experienced the humongous response that it received on Box office, you know how big and emotional that movie for everyone it is. I, being a non-Marathi speaker but living in Maharashtra, felt as if some festival is being celebrated across Mumbai where every other person either talked about the movie, sung its song or danced on Zingaat. Even I ended up watching the movie who barely understands 50% of the language. That is how big Sairat is! And thinking of remaking it is a challenge in itself but my review is not based upon the comparison of Dhadak with Sairat but more about what Dhadak in itself is.

The director, Shashank Khaitan, is one whose last two movies has entertained me enough and I can watch them repeatedly for n number of times- Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania and Badrinath ki Dulhania. Dhadak is also made in the same genre itself where the movie is more focused towards being a romantic comedy rather than being a serious romantic movie the way Sairat is. Sairat also had its funny and laughter moments but in the 2nd half, it took over a different tangent altogether. Dhadak does not do that. Dhadak keeps it the way Badrinath ki Dulhania was. It is just about two individuals fighting against each other due to the circumstances rather than the cultural and background difference they have.

The first half is entertaining as it is more about comic scenes and the way two individuals fall in love with each other. Nothing is done over the board here and everything is satisfactory and enjoyable. The problem lies in the 2nd half where the film gets confused and does not talk much about what the couple have left behind and how struggling their life can be. It still tries to find normalcy in its tone which is where the movie fails. Talking about the climax, basically, the last scene, it is as chilling as Sairat’s and you cannot spend your day without thinking about what happened to the lives of this couple just because of going against their families and marrying each other. The music of the movie is top class and it keeps you intrigued. Overall, Dhadak is an okay one-time watch. Talking about the performances, Janhvi Kapoor is disappointing and needs to work a lot upon her dialogue deliveries and emotional and deep scenes. Ishan Khatter is promising, and he has the skills to stay here for a little longer time but will end up having career like his elder brother because of limitations in his capabilities. All the other supporting casts are okay. I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.



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