11 November 2018 | By: Writing Buddha

Movie Review: Mitron: A good concept wasted! **½

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Mitron released recently on the digital medium and got quite good feedbacks on the social media which made me watch it last night from midnight hour to 2 AM. This movie runs for less than 2 hours and speaks about certain prevalent issues. The movie stars Jacky Bhagnani and introduced Kritika Kamra. Jacky is known for doing less movies but the ones which are little different from the mainstream stuff which makes the audience go to the theatre and watch his work. Though personally for me, none of his movies has been able to pose a very big impact. Regarding Kritika Kamra, she was one of my biggest crush a decade ago when she used to be one of the big names in TV industry. I would die to watch her deep eyes and long face with those beautiful curves of smile and thankfully, as per my expectations, she had each of those beautiful traits even in this movie. But what surprised me the most was her performance which was unexpectedly above par and failed even the experienced actor like Jacky when compared to her.

Talking about the content of the movie, the first half of the movie is directed very wonderfully where each scene seems to be candid yet so prepared. The flashback is so very well organized in a conversation between a boy and girl who are chatting face-to-face for the first time for the rishta their parents expect them to get tied into. This whole segment is amazing even with subplots where both of them get interconnected even in the flashback. And how they both come together as business partners post this meeting is also done with maturity rather than SRK type stuff where the girl directly falls in the boy’s charm and ends up living and dying just like the opposite person. The movie gets dull in the 2nd half where the plot gets weakened due to its stagnant script which does not take the story ahead in fast-pace mode the way it was expected to be considering the script’s speed of screenplay in the 1st half.

The writers and directors did a major mistake in keeping the character of Jacky’s portrayal of an easy-to-go and worthy-for-nothing guy till the climax of the movie. Every time, Jacky came on the screen, audience in you gets mad seeing him talk like a stupid dull person irrespective of having great offers and opportunities around him. They should have treated his character similar to Kritika’s who kept getting stronger with each scene and by the time it is climax, you wish her to move on from this shit she had fallen herself in. Talking about the dialogues, they are what makes this movie watchable throughout. Music is forgettable except the Sawarne Lage song. Climax is predictable just as the whole 2nd half. Talking about the supporting cast, both the friends of Jacky plays a good part along with the parents’ roles of Jacky and Kritika. Special mention to Prateik Babber who looks great on the screen in his role. I give the movie 2.5 stars.



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