7 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: The Legend of Michael Mishra: A wasted attempt!!! *

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When a low-budget movie has starcast of another great low-budget movie, you expect a lot from it. Boman irani and Arshad Warsi played main characters in the hit-movie Jolly LLB. The trailer of “The Legend of Michael Mishra” shows both of them again which makes you curious to watch this movie. Unfortunately, this is just opposite of any good film both these actors have done. The whole script is clueless and you do not know where it will lead in the next scene. You know that things are predictable but director trying to pretend that he is going to impress you with upcoming scene keeps failing as the movie progresses. I cannot say that the movie does not have anything new to show because this movie actually has nothing to show.

The director of the movie has given us excellent movie earlier but this one seems to be just a try as he must be sitting idle at home. A tailor who kills a don by mistake turns into a kidnapper. Just before he is about to be caught by police, he meets a girl who says him “Hello”. He falls in love with her and after coming out of prison, goes out to search her. He finally finds her and starts initiating his try on this beautiful girl. She asks him to improve his behavior as her family does not like his rowdiness. He leaves all the criminal activities and goes on the path of improving himself. After he returns back to meet her again, he gets a shock. How that is handled is all about the legendary that Michael Mishra is known for.

This movie does not have even one scene that can make you laugh even after every scene is trying for the same. What can be a bigger failure than this? All the actors do not seem to be interested in acting itself which is enough to tell that the director’s work has been disappointing. The whole Bihari backdrop is also not uses appropriately and you won’t feel as if Biharis are having conversation but someone trying to copy their accent. The only good thing about this movie has been beautiful eyes of Aditi Rao Hydari. Stay away from this legendary stuff. I give this movie 1 star out of 5. One star basically for its little twist in climax otherwise even that’s not worthy of any stars.



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