3 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

My 1st Job Anniversary!!!

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Last year, on the same day- 3rd August, I joined my very first organization. Today, I have completed one year of job experience and it feels surprising to me that I have crossed all the hurdles that came my way and sustained this job. I always have this negative notion about working in an organization and basically clearing the probation period because I have seen many close people losing their job in this period itself. Hence, while I was on probation for 6 months as Fresher, I used to take every step consciously and any kind of noise would scare me because I would feel that someone is coming to ask me to leave right now as I have not cleared the basic parameters of being a satisfying employee. Psychological issues, you know!

I always wanted to be a part of IT industry. Hence when I was appointed as Quality Assurance Engineer i.e. Software Tester, I was more than happy because I always wanted to get into this profile. The company trusted in me like after 4-5 months and gave me a new Android project which helped me in taking ownership for it and performing like hell to make it a success. It was a challenging period but it helped me grow as an employee. Later on, I was also given tasks out of my profile which taught me more about being versatile rather than cribbing of being given things not specific to my skills. Such tasks are an opportunity for a Fresher to learn and at least analyze the terms that would have never been known to him. I got confirmed on the day my 6th month ended and the confirmation letter was like a letter that proved my worth to me because I never believed that I would be able to handle job pressure though I always fascinated those reel-life roles where the actor plays a hard working corporate honcho. 

I was just counting the total number of bugs that I have found in Software's which were given to me for Testing and it summed approximately around 400 in last one year. Today, I feel nice that I know how a software requirement is given by a client which then gets developed in the brain of a Business Analyst after which developers develop it to make it look in terms with client's requirement and then it comes to Software Testers for assurance that the developed software is of good quality and finally gets deployed on the client's server. Here begins the job of Application Support team who keeps the track of production issues and give regular maintenance and feedback to the client and in case the issue is major, the developers and testers are involved. 

Earlier, this whole process of Software Development Life Cycle used to be just a theoretical first chapter in Software Engineering subject while studying but actually being a contributor to the same in real-world scenario gave me the real pleasure. The first year of job has been a great experience with many challenges which developed my personality a lot. I am aware of the fact that the whole career of mine won't be as mind blowing as the 1st year and there might be breaks, arguments, suspensions, demotions, bad appraisals, extension of probation etc. but I will try to replicate the year for next 30 years that are there for me to bring change in the organizations that I would be working in/for. The targets and goals of organization should become mine if I wish to possess Leadership qualities because my selfishness still comes in between that makes me leave office on time. Haha! Well, on this note, I would ask all of you to wish me for a better career in future. 

Thanks in advance.


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