15 August 2016 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Rustom: One of the best movies this year!!! ****

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"Rustom" has been one of the most-awaited movies of this year and now that it has been watched, I would say that the wait was worthy enough. This movie is also based upon a true event hence the excitement was above par to know how it has been executed on screen. The director has ensured that the movie is well fictionalized to make it commercial but not letting the soul leave the story. Rustom is about a naval officer who finds that his wife has been cheating him with his best friend after returning from 3 months long duty. In the rage, he murders his friend. And then later on, a scam gets introduced which gets integrated with this whole event. Also, court proceedings take place as Rustom surrenders to the police right after killing his friend. 

The screenplay of the movie is very gripping and holds the audience together. The writer hasn’t wasted time in coming to the main point of the story. Right from the 1st scene, the movie stays focused on its topic and doesn’t lose its momentum by showing some not-so-important sub-plots which generally happens in Bollywood. The songs are also inserted carefully which doesn’t let the pace of the story-telling get effected. The dialogues in the movie are also powerful. The court scenes are nicely done with a pinch of humour. They have maintained a nice decorum during these scenes. All the characters are also nicely used in the movie without unwanted addition to confuse the audience.

Talking about the performances, Akshay Kumar looks great in the navy uniform. His spine is straight throughout the movie which speaks about how the actor wanted to not commit mistake while playing such a strong character. This is the performer in Akshay Kumar that we always wait to watch and thankfully, he is giving a strong movie each year since last 4 years now. Ileana D’Cruz looks very charming, beautiful and elegant on screen. I have never found her this beautiful before. Rest, all the supporting casts have also done very well. The music of the music is also soulful. Specially, the song “Tere Sang Yaara”. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5. Definitely, watchable. 



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