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How we can contribute to the nation's glory!!!

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We are celebrating our Independence Day today which is a great patriotic feeling for each one of us as we remember the great freedom fighters who fought for the independence selflessly. Because of their efforts and courage and our soldier's bravery at the border, we are enjoying our lives with great liberty. Our nation is one of the biggest democracy in the world and that's another reason to be very proud of who we are. Last midnight, I was awake to watch Dipa Karmakar's Olympic's event. She was in the final and we had great expectations from her to bring home a medal. Unfortunately, she was pushed below in the ranking table by the next two competitors who played after her. But while watching that game and thinking of what she might do for the nation, I came across a thought that made me think a lot.

Dipa Karmakar started showing her interest in gymnastics when she was just 6 years old. Did she take this decision at 6 years thinking about how she is going to represent the country at the world level tomorrow? No! It was just a pure interest in a game like any other child. It is only her commitment in the game that brought her so far in the right direction that she ended up in a final competition of Olympics tournament.

We always think what can we do for the nation so that we can feel proud of ourselves. But then we conclude it with the thought that neither we are in the army nor in the Indian cricket team to do something so let's skip the thought. Politics does not even come in mind because of the image that today's leaders have created otherwise we would have skipped even that idea considering our negligence of interest towards that direction. But every day, in our routine life itself, we have great opportunity to serve our nation by doing nothing extra not even for a second. 

We always remember APJ Abdul Kalam as one of the best presidents our nation ever had. He was never a political leader but a scientist. Because he excelled in his field that he was given this responsibility of serving the nation as president. Even if he would not have accepted President's position, his work would have always been mentioned in India's development in the field that he worked in. Our intention should always be the same. We should try to excel in our studies or job or passion. This directly or indirectly brings glory to our nation. Suppose if in an IT industry, you are a developer/tester and the client is from some other country. If we are working sincerely with a positive attitude, the project will get implemented in another country. The amount for which will get deposited in an Indian account. Indirectly, just by doing your job for earning your salary, you have resulted in some amount being getting deposited in Indian bank and the Indian IT industry got little better.

We never know how our work can benefit our nation but it does. My example was very plain and simple but whatever we do, it results in something better for our country. Hence, we should never consider our self unpatriotic or useless when it comes to country. All of us are a part of it and our contribution matters. No one might compliment us for our performance but we should know that we are doing it for ourselves and the country. So let's try being the best in the field that we are working in so that like Dipa Karmakar and Sachin Tendulkar, even we can bring glory to our nation globally, directly like them or indirectly. :-)

A very Happy Independence to all!!!



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